A Year On The Hill

24 Jul

I can’t believe that a year ago today we were moving to The Hill. It was hot, but thankfully enough, not as hot as it’s been around these parts lately. I swear that was the fastest year of my life, where did it go? There are still days that I can’t believe this is our house. Sometimes I still feel like a visitor in someone else’s home, I’m just waiting to be sent back to our tired old townhouse.

What’s happened on The Hill in the past year?

Not much. We’ve found out that the window in the dinning room leaks if it rains just the right way. We’ve replaced the crown molding in the kitchen and made it a contrasting black to our cherry wood cabinets. You know it’s a bad crown job when your contractor tell you, “I’ve seen a lot of crown molding and this is by far the worst crown job I’ve ever seen!”

In March we finally sold the townhouse and moved the rest of our stuff in. Once we had the old furniture and wall hangings in, the new house finally started to feel more like home.

We built a vegetable garden in the yard this spring and it has been wonderful to watch our crops grow. Growing our own veggies has even gotten the boys to try new things…YAY! Do a search here for The Mommyland Farm to read all about it.

In May we got new neighbors. I have to say it was nice being up here all by ourselves, so quiet. Oh well, you know what they say, everything must come to an end and so did our time alone up here. A little family joined us on The Hill and they brought with them drama and a lack of pride in ownership. Oh I could write post after post of the strange happenings next door, but I’ll save that for some other time.

What haven’t we done in the past year?

I feel like we haven’t really done much. I still have rooms without curtains, and not a thing has been painted. The entire house is still the contractor’s white, which I was really happy about when we bought the house because I was thinking it was a blank canvas for us to paint however we wanted. Now I wish the previous owners had painted something, at least we’d have some color on the walls.

This past year has flown by. We’ve had birthdays and Christmas and playdates. We’ve seen all four seasons pass outside our window. Life on The Hill this past year hasn’t always been unicorns and glitter, but I’m so excited to spend the rest of my foreseeable future here. I never thought I’d live in a house like this, I truly have my dream house now! Sure, there are things I want to do to make it our own, but I have the next few decades to get all that done.

Here’s to an even more amazing year on The Hill!


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