I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday!

5 Jul

So the question of the day is how do I prefer to spend my birthday? I’m actually going to tell you how I’d like to spend my birthday because a day like this is highly unlikely in Mommyland.

My day would start with a quiet house until about 9am (ah, wouldn’t that alone be a dream?!?). I’d come down to a yummy breakfast, no cold cereal on the couch for me on my birthday. The rest of the day would be filled with fun and favorite places, followed by dinner at an adult restaurant and maybe a good movie.

No, scratch that, I want to spend my birthday on a boat in the Caribbean. I want the option to eat as many as 25 times in 24 hours. I want to swim with stingrays. I want to lounge on deck and listen to good music. Then at night I want to dance my butt off in any number of night clubs. Oh how this mama needs a vacation!

Ok, let’s be realistic now. For my birthday I’d settle for a day where the boys don’t fight, and I don’t have to raise my voice. I’m not cooking, so it looks like dinner at TGI Friday’s since that’s one of the only places we can take the kids and not feel bad for the diners around us. As long as they don’t come to the table and sing with a flaming brownie. When we get home, Bill can get the kids ready for bed.

No matter how I get to spend my day, I guess I’ll be happy as long as it ends with cake.

See how the other campers want to spend their special day.

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