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21 Jul

OK, I took a little time off from camp this week. The extreme heat we’ve been having here in Pennsylvania has me a little sluggish, and I’ve abandoned more than just the blog, my house is a disaster…again. Since it’s still too hot to do anything and the kids are sleeping, I thought I’d spend some quiet time of my own at the computer.

Skipping ahead to today’s camp question; What names would you never name a child or pet? What name do you wish you’d been named? Do you like the name of your blog?

I have to say that I would never take someone else’s name and give it to one of my children. While it might be great and meaningful to some, I want my children to have their own names. My husband and all his brothers are named after other family members. Being that Bill is already named after someone, naming his child after him and thus that someone else too seems a little boring to me. Not to mention, with a generic last name like ours, I prefered names that stood out a little more. Of course I mean no offense to my in laws. Sorry honey, you will not have a namesake. I also wouldn’t name my children the same thing as a friend or family member. I really wanted to name Logan Alexander, but my sister’s brother in law named his son that so Alexander was out…Although it is Logan’s middle name.

My rules on no family names and no names of anyone we know made choosing names for the boys pretty difficult. Both of my boys are named after characters from my favorite soap opera, General Hospital. Don’t you judge me, they ended up with cute names that suit them.

As far as pets go, I wouldn’t name a new pet after an old pet. It’s been so long since I’ve had to name a pet, and I don’t plan on doing it again anytime soon, so I haven’t given it much thought.

What name do I wish I’d been named? I have NO idea, honestly the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. I sometimes wish that I didn’t have a boy’s name, but only because of the torture I endured as a child because of my name. Once I hit college, having a different name made me stand out to my professors and made me more memorable than the twenty or so Jennifers that were floating around. In my 31 years being named Mychal (Michael), I’ve been called by every name but my own. People are so hesitant to see a girl and call her by a boy’s name. No one ever gets it right the first time and that gets very old. Oh, and if I hear, “What, did your parent’s want a boy?” EVER again, someone is going to get bitch slapped! If only I had a penny for every time I had to explain how I got my name, I’d be a very rich woman. sigh

As far as the name of my blog goes, of course I like it, I named it. Although I have to say I liked it a lot more before some chick from California took (almost) the same name for her blog on deals. But I digress. I think the name My Life In Mommyland suits me and this blog. This is my life and I’m living it here in Mommyland.

See what the other campers had to say about names.

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