The ‘rents

12 Jul

Welcome to day 11 of bloggy summer camp (yes, I know I’m a day behind). Today we take a little peek into my family. How am I different from my parents? How am I the same? Does my family know I blog.

I’ll start at the end and work my way backward. Do my parents know I blog? Of course they do. I know my mom stops by on occasion, but I’m pretty sure it’s only because I post my blog posts to facebook. I don’t think my father has ever read anything I’ve written here in Mommyland. I don’t think they really understand my compulsion to share my life with random people on the Internet, but I also don’t think they think badly about it. If I had to guess I’d say my dad is just happy I’m doing something. I also think he secretly hopes that I land some kind of job by blogging, but he wouldn’t be a father if he didn’t think that way.

How am I like my parents? Oh boy! If my parents do stumble across this post, just know I love you and truly think of you as two of my best friends.

I’m like my mom because when I get angry I tend to cry, it is so frustrating when I’m trying to be tough and I start to cry. I’m also a lot like my mom in my love of shopping, I find it therapeutic. But I’m like my dad in the way I’m amazingly cheap and am always looking for a better deal. Oh and I’m not afraid to beat someone up over price.

Ah my dad, he blessed me with an amazingly short fuse. Growing up I vividly remember my dad biting his bottom lip whenever he’d get angry. Maybe the memory is so vivid because I saw him do it tonight when my nephews acted up at dinner. But I digress. I catch myself biting my bottom lip the very same way when the boys act up and make me angry (which is just about daily).

I got my father’s inability to spell and my mother’s inability to do math, which is kind of a bummer. My father is a genius when it comes to numbers and my mother is a great speller, so I never understood why I didn’t pick up the better traits.

I have my mother’s sweet tooth and my father’s salt tooth. I also have my father’s ability to ingest large amounts of junk food late at night. Late nights…That brings me to my insomnia, it would appear I get that from my dad too (yeah, thanks for that dad). My truck driver mouth is another way I’m like my father, and I understand he picked that up from his mother, it’s the circle of life. I think of it as an endearing quality, but I know it makes my mother absolutely cringe.

This was actually a fun post to write. I’ve been sitting here laughing at the funny little quirks I picked up from my parent’s. I’m sure they’ll be the topic of more summer camp posts, so stay tuned.

See what other campers have to say, make sure you stop by daily to see what’s new here at camp. Oh, and I promise I will catch up and not miss a day of my bloggy summer camp.

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