Fitness Fun (Volume 6)

22 Aug

You may or may not have noticed a serious lack of Fitness Fun here in Mommyland and there’s a reason for that…I gave up!

I started out so hell bent and determined to get my ass into shape and become a healthier mom, and as fast as I started I fizzled out. Why? I got frustrated that there was no movement on the scale. I was working so hard and my numbers weren’t moving in a southerly direction. After about a month of that I threw my hands up and said, screw it.

The past few days I’ve been pretty disgusted with myself. I can tell the weight has been creeping back on and I now exactly why, but I didn’t realize just how bad it was until I stepped on the scale the other day. I gained six pounds since June 11th…SIX POUNDS!!!! When I saw that number my disgust reach a whole new level. This morning my disgust reached yet another whole new level when I went to put on my belt, which I only wear with jeans, to find that I needed to move to the next hole. Really? Come on!!!

I know my problem, I have absolutely no will power whatsoever and I have a sweet tooth that is utterly insatiable. I know that it all starts with making good choices at the grocery store…Which I did not do today! My lunch consisted of a row of Double Stuffed OREOS and a glass of milk. Why can’t I just say no?

I look ridiculous at this size. Do I need to be rail thin? No, but I need to do something about the ass I’ve grown this summer. I checked myself out as I hopped in the shower this morning and I look like an ant. Imagine an ant walking upright, and that’s me. Big ass. Big gut. My arms and legs are still relatively thin, but my middle is taking it all on.

My goal? I would like to get down fifteen pounds to start. That would get me to a healthy number and with any luck it’ll come off of the places it’s gone on and I’ll be back to a more human shape.

How do I plan to achieve this goal? I’m going to add more fruits and veggies to my diet and try to cut out some of the crap. Two OREOS is one thing, ten is a whole other ball of wax. I’m going to start fitting more activity into my day. If that means setting the alarm half an hour early to get down on the elliptical, then I guess that’s what I have to do. I need to get a few of my old tricks back into place. My favorite is when I get the munchies in the afternoon to brew a cup of tea instead of raiding the pantry.

I have to do something, this size just doesn’t look right on me and my clothes are starting to fit funny. I think it’s great for a woman to have curves, but right now I have more rolls than an Italian bakery and something MUST be done.

Stay tuned for more fitness and weightless fun. To keep it simple, anything related to fitness OR weightless will be put under the Fitness Fun title.

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