Did I really just say that?

14 Nov

In my life before becoming a parent I would hear parents say things to their kids and think to myself that I will never have to say anything so ridiculous to my kids. Boy was I wrong! There are times when things come out of my mouth and I actually stop and ask myself if I really just said that. Keeping my iPhone and iPad handy, I’ve compiled a short list of some of these things to share with you. I wonder if you’ve ever said anything similar to your kids?


1. We don’t chew on electrical wires.

2. Stop playing in the litterbox.

3. Get that pillow off your brother’s face.

4. Can you please stop rubbing your crotch on my foot?

5. Just get your underware on and you can tell him whatever you want.

6. When you wet your pants you can’t just change your shorts, you have to change your underware too.

7. Do NOT paint your brother!

8. Why did you lick your bother’s head?

9. We don’t chew on the furniture.

10. Please don’t use that saw on the coffee table.

There you have it, a few of the crazy things I hear myself saying to my kids everyday. Feel free to share a few of your gems with me.

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