My son is a con artist

8 Nov

Most Mondays Logan comes to the Y with me and goes to babysitting while I go to work. Sometimes Bill comes to get him early, so he’s not stuck there for the entire three hours. Yesterday was not one of those days.

I dropped Logan off at babysitting and he ran in excited to get to business playing. I came back three hours later to get him and he was the only one left. Some kids would be lonely, not my Logan, he was happy to have all the toys and babysitters to himself.

I was signing him out and the one babysitter asked me where I was signing him in at. Uh oh, am I in trouble? Have I been signing him in in the wrong place all this time? I pointed to my name on the sheet and that’s when the other babysitter asked me what Logan’s name was.

“Um, this is Logan.”

Well, that’s not the name he was going by yesterday in babysitting. Yesterday he decided to use an alias. It was like he got there and decided, “Hmmm, I think I’ll use a different name today. I think today I shall call myself Brent.” Don’t ask where he came up with that name, I don’t think we even know any Brents.

Don’t let that sweet mile fool you…He’s plotting something!


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