No More Babies In My House

9 Nov

It’s a big day here in Mommyland. Today, at 9:59pm, Logan turns three.

Three! Where has the time gone?

When I look at just how quickly the time has gone, I know that the next three years are going to fly by even faster. Then I’ll be putting both my boys on the school bus. ((sniffle sniffle))

Logan never ceases to amaze me. Sure, it’s not the first time I’ve had a three year old tearing up my house, but it’s still amazing to watch him grow. To watch my little baby become a little person. To watch my helpless baby become an independent little dude. Just one short year ago he was hardly talking and now he can carry a conversation. He has a pretty good grasp on technology too. But considering his parent’s love for gadgets, I guess that’s no big surprise. Logan loves music and his favorite song is Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)…He loves to dance and show off those moves. Logan is tough! The kid can take a licking and keep on ticking, he is no stranger to the ER. The kid is absolutely fearless.

No matter how bad a day I may have or how angry he may make me, Logan’s smile can instantly melt my heart. Always willing to give a sad mommy a hug, I love his caring heart. Logan gives his love freely, often surprising me with a hug, kiss and I love you, just because he can. What mommy wouldn’t love that?

Since I couldn’t get out of working tonight, Bill and I took Logan out on a little adventure. First to the toy store to pick out anything he wanted (it was the mommy guilt talking). Then lunch at a Chinese Buffet, the kid loves the ice cream and jello squares.

Logan enjoying his ice cream after literally one bite of chicken. Hey, it’s his birthday, he can do whatever the hell he wants!

Logan and Daddy.

Out cold after some fun with Mommy & Daddy.

I hope Logan has a wonderful birthday even though it wasn’t anything too special, and I hope he knows how loved he is. This weekend we’ll really celebrate with a proper party complete with cake and more presents, and his school party is next week so it’ll be like the birthday that never ends.

Am I sad that there are no more babies in my house? A little. Well, that is until the boys start fighting and driving me crazy yet again. With this birthday, I begin a new chapter in motherhood. Wish me luck!

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