Fitness Fun (Volume 8)

2 Jan

Last year I wrote a few posts about getting in shape and losing a few pounds, I called them Fitness Fun. There really wasn’t anything fun¬†about them though.

Yesterday I shared my goals for this new year and both eating better and exercising more were included on my list. Since I like to over share here on the ole’ bloggy poo, I thought I’d share my trials and tribulations as I make my way to achieving those goals with you. Fitness Fun doesn’t really work with the eating better portion, so I think I’ll do a series called Adventures in Health.

What do you think?

Like just about everything else in my life, these goals are sure to take me on an adventure and I’m hoping you’ll take it with me. I’m sure we can all stand to be a little more healthy, right? To eat a little better. To exercise a little more.

My hope is to share any new tips I can pick up along the way with you, get some helpful hints from all of you and hopefully make you laugh as I stumble my way down the road to a healthier lifestyle. With any luck writing about this stuff will make me more accountable to follow through with it.

Stay tuned for Adventures in Health (Volume 1), coming soon to Mommyland.

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