A Happy Homemaker I Am NOT!

28 Mar

There’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life and as much as I hoped it would improve as I aged, it has not. I am a messy person and I’ve always been this way. My room at my parent’s house was often so messy you couldn’t see the carpet. Clothes and magazines strewn about. Shoes threatening to break your neck with one wrong step.

As a stay at home mom, I feel like it’s part of the job description to keep a tidy house. I try, really I do, I just don’t always get there.

There is one place in my house that seems to be amune to any and all attempts to keep it clean…My desk.

I love my desk, it’s central location in my house makes it the perfect spot to get work done while keeping an eye on my little men. Having my desk in my kitchen allows me to get the most from my multitasking, thus getting more done.

The problem is that since it’s in the kitchen, my desk tends to collect everything that needs to be removed from the table or countertops. It seems that everything that enters this house ends up on my desk at some point. When there’s barely enough space for the keyboard and mouse, the multitasking I was referring to becomes difficult.

One of my New Year’s Goals, in fact it was the very first one, was to get my house in order. Since my desk is kind of like Command Central for the house, it should be the first place I get (and keep) in order, right?

I’m trying to make a change.

Today I got so sick of looking at this mess.

So I set out to clean up the clutter and put away the stuff that I was “filing” on my desktop. The little inbox on the right side of the desk was chuck fill of junk that was in no particular order. How am I ever going to find anything if it’s thrown all willy nilly about?

A little more than an hour later that mess you see above was turned into a workspace I can be proud of.

Look at that, I actually have a space to write if I need to! I can actually see Cameron’s T-Ball picture. My inbox is organized into three easy to find categories. All the clutter and mess was put where it belongs, or even better, thrown away.

It’s amazing how much more relaxed I feel sitting in this space to get some work done. I’m breathing deeper, I don’t feel as rushed as I did before I cleaned up.

So who wants to place bets on how long I can keep my desk looking this way? A week? A month? A day?

Where is the Command Central in your house? The place where you pay the bills, email friends and family, connect on Facebook, blog. Do you struggle to keep that space clean and clutter free? No? Then how about giving the rest of us some tips…PLEASE???

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