Staying sane amid the chaos

4 Apr

When I was in high school my mom used to let me stay home from school so we could go shopping. We called them Mental Health Days and they were set aside for just the two of us to escape the daily grind of stay at motherhood and high school. They were days to relax and spend some of my father’s hard earned money. These days continued into my college years and we still have them occasionally now (even though I do a lot more spending of my husband’s hard earned money than my father’s now).

The mental health day is still something that I find I desperately need.

I love my boys, believe me I do, but they are at the ages now where they are driving me absolutely insane. They fight, they bicker, they break things and destroy my house. Let’s not forget that everything is an argument and they almost never do as they are told.

They’re on spring break this week and it’ll be a miracle if I make it to next Monday without being carted off to the funny farm. This week has been chuck full of craziness that has even included Logan cutting his own hair.

Today I took a mental health day!

Ok, it was really only a couple hours, but man do I feel so much better. I wandered my way up and down every aisle at Target. I blasted the music in my car. I took myself to lunch. It was heaven.

I picked the boys up with enough time to get them home for their naps so I can sit outside on my iPad and write this post.

Today is a good day. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a while and it feels good to be able to breathe again. It’s funny, as soon as I was down my Mother’s driveway my headache was gone, my shoulders relaxed, my mind clear.

I must sound horrible to the mothers who find joy in every single second with their children…We all can’t be as wonderful as you.

To the moms who get what I’m saying and need the occasional mental health day to survive…Go take one, you’ll be a better mother for it.

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