Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May

Before I became a mother I was pretty hard. I could make it through (most) sappy movies without crying. Commercials were a minor nuisance and NEVER able to get any kind of reaction out of me, certainly no tears.

Since having kids I’m a hot, steamy mess. I don’t know if my hormones are so out of whack that there’s no saving me or if it’s all part of that fundamental change that occurs once you become a mother.

The other night I was minding my business, watching Grey’s Anatomy, when the commercial below came on. I like to tweet during commercial breaks so it took a few seconds for it to catch my attention, but it did. By the end I was near sobbing.

Am doing OK? Would a cute little baby have those things to say about ME?

Someday, when my boys are reading these posts (probably after I’m long gone), I hope they’ll know I did my best. I know I’m never going to win any mother of the year awards, but I’m doing the best I can. Do I want to be more for them? Hell yeah, but I’m giving them all I’ve got. When I’m long gone I just want them to know that they were loved from the moment I knew they would be coming into the world.

To ALL the Mother’s all over the world…Happy Mother’s Day! Keep putting in the time and effort. Keep doing what your doing.

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