Sprucing up The Hill

11 Jun

Our past two summers up on The Hill, things seemed easy. Somehow there was always time to get the lawn mowed. The weeds seemed to never grow. The place looked great.

Then life happened.

Now our poor old tractor is on it’s very last leg and we can’t afford a new one. The golf season came about a month early, thrusting us into those crazy hours before we were ready. Bill’s course was also purchased and a new owner took over, there’s a lot of extra work that comes with a take over. Basically things got crazy.

I took a look at the effect all that had on not just our family, but our property as well. We were lucky if Bill could find the time to mow the lawn every three weeks. But the most distressing thing for me was to look at this…

My Life In Mommyland

Every time I went to get the mail, or take Cameron to the bus, or pick him up from the bus, or leave the house, or come home, that disgusting eyesore was there. I was embarrassed and ashamed that we let things get so out of hand.

I had been looking at that hot mess and saying one of these days I’m going to get that cleaned out. Yesterday was that day!

It felt good to get out and do something. It felt good to have the sun on my back and breathe in the fresh air. It felt good to work towards getting my property back to where it should be.

I spent the better part of the morning on that little area and then raked up the grass clippings after Bill mowed. I have a farmer’s tan and blistered hands to show for my hard work. I needed the rest of the day to try to get over the heat exhaustion, but the end result was worth it. Bill even had to run out and get something to help my recovery, the pharmacist sent him home with Pedialyte. For the record, that stuff is nasty.

There is still some work I’d like to do down there, but I made some major progress.

My Life In Mommyland

I had almost forgotten about the rose bushes we planted in the spring. Hopefully now that they’re free of all the weeds they’ll start to bloom.

Bill and I looked at each other yesterday and decided we’re not going to let life’s circumstances get in the way of maintaining our property. We’ve been through a lot, both together and separately, to get to our dream house. We worked hard to get here and we work hard to stay here so we’re going to take care of the place. We’re proud of what we are able to own and it’s about time we start showing it again. No more using time and physical inability as excuses for an ugly yard!

Does life sometimes get in the way of taking care of your property? How do you over come the struggles to make sure you maintain that curb appeal?

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