Another Year Zipped Right By

23 Jul

My Life In Mommyland

It’s actually hard to believe that two years ago today the movers were loading up our life in West Chester and moving us to The Hill. Sure it’s hard to remember living anywhere else and so many memories have already been made here on The Hill. All the same, how has it been so long?

No major renovations this year, but the house doesn’t really need anything, it’s only eight years old. We did finally get around to painting the place which really has done wonders.

My Life In Mommyland

One of my favorite rooms in the house.

We’ve become pretty friendly with the neighbor on the one side, he’s a little reclusive but really nice. The neighbors on the other side? They’re still there and I won’t say anything more than that.

My Life In Mommyland

Having some fun on The Hill

Slowly but surely we are making the little changes that will make this house our home. New blinds here, new art there, a little bit of furniture to pull a room together.

We’re so happy up here on The Hill, where the kids have the space to run and play, there’s no politics of a home owners association to worry about, and we can finally enjoy what we worked so hard to achieve.

What’s next on The Hill? Who knows?

Are you doing any renovations in your house to make it your home? Let’s hear about them.

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