I Couldn’t Make This Sh*t Up (Volume 6)

20 Aug

My Life In Mommyland

Ever since Bill and I got married we’ve had bad travel luck. On our honeymoon we were apparently placed on some kind of terror watch list and started our life together with a good pat down.

We’ve checked in to hotel rooms that already had (naked) people in them. We’ve been stuck on flights next to the big, the smelly, the obnoxious, you name it. Our bags have been ransacked, things have gone missing. We’ve been through a lot in our travel adventures together.

Last week we made a quick trip to St. Augustine Florida and our trip to the airport went really well. No traffic. A friendly ticket agent. Even the TSA agents were friendly. No pat downs. No searching our bags. Just smooth sailing.

As we were putting our shoes back on after security I said to Bill that I feel like we’re in Meet The Parents when they make it to the airport and everything just goes right.

I had spoken too soon…

We board our flight and I was sitting behind a rather large gentleman. No big deal, it’s only a two hour flight. As I bend down to stow my carry on the man sits down in his seat. Only he didn’t just sit, he plopped into his seat sending the seat back and the hard plastic of the folded up tray table into my forehead.

I saw stars! It was a hard hit. So hard I was surprised that I didn’t crack the tray table with my thick skull.

Tears immediately spring to my eyes as I started half laughing and half crying. Seriously, does this shit happen to anyone except me?

It wouldn’t be a trip if something didn’t go wrong at some point. In the grand scheme of things though, a mild head injury is small compared to what could have happened. Am I right?!?

Do you have any travel horror stories?

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