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9 Nov

I can’t even believe it’s been four whole years since I met my second little boy. That’s right, today is Logan’s fourth birthday. At 9:59pm on November 9, 2008 we welcomed Logan into our little family.

My Life In Mommyland Happy Birthday!

It feels like a lifetime ago that I spent nearly two days in the hospital waiting for his arrival. I can hardly remember life before Logan.

My Life In Mommyland

1st Birthday

My sweet, sensitive, cuddly little boy.

So much has changed in those four years. We live in a new house. I’m not even driving the same car he came home in. Logan himself is so much different. The baby who couldn’t stand to be left in babysitting at the Y now happily jumps out of the car to go to preschool.

We’ve gone from bassinet, to crib, to toddler bed and now he has a full size bed of his own. Diapers are a distant memory. There’s nothing here but big boy.

My Life In Mommyland

2nd Birthday

As much as I can’t remember life without Logan, there’s so much of the day to day that I can’t remember. I hardly remember the baby Logan, I feel like he’s always been my little man. I guess I’ve done a lot of living in the moment the second time around.

My Life In Mommyland

3rd Birthday

Just like with every birthday one of the boys has, I wonder how am I old enough to have a four year old? Where have my babies gone?

Happy Birthday Logan!!

My Life In Mommyland

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