Historic Kennett Square

11 Jan


We moved to The Hill almost two and a half years ago. We’re just a mile or two from the heart of Historic Kennett Square and virtually never go there.


I have no idea. I guess I never knew how many great things Kennett had to offer and never bothered to find out. Sure, it’s the Mushroom Capitol of the World (no, really it is) but Kennett Square has so much more to offer than that.

Back in November my blogging buddy over at Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom put together an amazing night of fun, food and friends right here in Kennett. I wasn’t about to miss a blogging event that was literally right in my back yard.

I figured there were a few good restaurants in town and I’ve heard people talking about some of the shops but I had no idea just how much was there. Kennett Square isn’t by any means a large town but it has A LOT to offer.

As you walk the quaint streets of Historic Kennett you see shop after shop selling interesting and beautiful merchandise. The perfect gift for any friend or family member is waiting behind one of those doors. That conversation piece for your home or captivating accessory is within your reach here in Historic Kennett Square.

It’s more than just cool stores and eateries.

What has struck me the most about Historic Kennett is the people. All the shop owners and employees are so friendly, they genuinely care about the people who walk through their doors. Their shops are warm and inviting making for that extra shopping experience that is missing from the chain stores you find in the mall.

After my blogging adventure in Historic Kennett I went back.

What do you get the parent’s who literally have everything? How about a wine tasting from Flickerwood?

When my Mom needed to exchange her Pandora bracelet and buy a few more charms the first place that came to mind was Bove Jewelers.

An adorable little outfit for a friend’s new baby from bedbugz.

I could go on all day about all the cool stores in Historic Kennett Square. I haven’t even gotten into the yummy places for each meal but I can say you won’t have a hard time finding something to eat there too.

Have you visited Historic Kennett Square? What did you think of all it had to offer?


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