A Week In Mommyland (Week 8)

28 Feb

I’m a little late with this one thanks to Cameron bashing his face into the ground last Friday. I’m hopeful that that was the last bit of “excitement” we have for a while.

Usually I feel like February is the longest month of the year because it seems to drag on and on. This year I feel like I blinked and it disappeared…Not that I’m complaining.



No school so I had planned to take both of the boys to Longwood Gardens to play and look around before a lunch at Chick-fil-a. I was really looking forward to a fun morning with my guys before I had to head into work.

This photo was the only thing I actually saw at Longwood. The boys were being so naughty that I couldn’t stay. The place was packed with kids and somehow my two were the only ones acting as if they were part of the wolf pack. No Longwood Gardens and no Chick-fil-a. Talk about a sad mama.



Doesn’t everyone share their lunch with their cat? Nittany is good about coming around when there is food involved. I don’t mind though, she kept me company while I watched some General Hospital on the DVR while Logan napped.

Hey, don’t judge!!!



I love these little lanterns! The house feels so warm and cozy when there are candles burning and these lanterns make it feel like my own little retreat. Bill was away again so I needed a little retreat.



Who else is over winter. I’m done with the temperatures in the twenties and thirties! Bring on the sixties and higher!!! I know I shouldn’t complain (too much) since we’ve had a pretty mild winter and virtually no snow to deal with but I’m ready for spring.



Incase you missed the news, Cameron spent last Friday in the ER. Since I wasn’t sure I could handle the trauma alone Bill and Logan had to come along. I have to say, Logan was a real trooper. He sat in the waiting room and watched movies while eating popcorn. Everyone was showering him with stickers because he was such a good boy.

I think somehow he knew that mommy and daddy needed him to be extra good while we dealt with what was going on with Cameron because he was awesome!



We took the boys to the Book Fair at Cameron’s school on Saturday night. The school did an amazing job putting together a fun and engaging event for the kids. Cameron loved the science theme of the night and was totally in his element. After the book fair I FINALLY got to take the boys to Chick-fil-a for a date night.

Logan had so much fun on his date with mommy that he was too tired to even get into bed and this is how I found him.



Another Pasta Sunday at Mom’s house. I swear I live for Pasta Sunday every week but this week was extra special. Mom and Dad hosted 13 of us for a true Italian feast.

My sister and her family came down for dinner and my cousin from Nashville was in town with her husband. It was great to spend an evening with people I don’t get to see nearly enough.

Of course we couldn’t leave Mom’s cat, Milo out of the festivities. He thinks he’s Snoopy.

It’s hard to believe we’re already two months into this year, it feels like just yesterday I was wishing you a Happy New Year. I actually hope that time slows down just a bit so we can enjoy it a little more.

How was your week?

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