Our Bronze Anniversary

12 Feb

Mommyland It was eight years ago today that I married my best friend.

Eight years ago it was cloudy. It rained and snowed but at least it wasn’t bitter cold. Eight years ago today was a Saturday.

When I look at how much has changed in the past eight years I wonder how things can be so different in such a short period of time.

We’ve moved three times. We had a dog and lost a dog. There were two cats and now there is one. Three different golf courses and countless owners. Four or five cars. Our thirties have arrived and (for some of us) are nearly over.

But the most important part are the two little boys that were just a distant dream eight short years ago.

While I don’t remember what we did for most of our seven other anniversaries (I know, worst wife EVER), I will never forget the first one. I was six months pregnant, there was a major snow storm and we spent the evening in the plow truck.

I know some of you are nodding your head in recognition of that one.

I nearly lost my new cell phone in a snow drift and because the storm was so bad all the restaurants were closed. We ate our anniversary dinner of hoagies in the plow truck in the parking lot of Wawa.

When we finally did get home we broke out the top tier of wedding cake that had spent the past year in our freezer and cut a few slices.

I do NOT recommend doing that to ANYONE. I still gag whenever I think about it.

Back to present day.

I’m not sure what the day and evening have in store for us and I really don’t care as long as we get to spend it together.


What is your most memorable anniversary?

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