Adventures in Health (Volume 19)

28 Jun

The Dreaded Plateau


That’s where I am right now and I’m frustrated as hell.

Ever since I went on my girl’s cruise and spent a week eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to eat it I’ve been struggling. Sure, I’ve gotten my eating back under control and am eating normal sized portions and for the most part staying within my daily calorie allotment. I’ve resumed a normal exercise schedule and am back running and doing yoga. I’m drinking plenty of water too.

The things that were working before are not working anymore and the five pounds I gained while on vacation (over a month ago) refuse to come off. When I left for vacation I was within four pounds of my ultimate goal and now I feel lightyears away.

I’m trying to stay positive and I keep telling myself to persevere and be patient but it doesn’t stop the disappointment and feelings that I’m working so hard and getting nowhere.

Bill tells me to be happy because I’m healthy and it matters more how I feel than what the numbers on the scale say. That’s great except for the fact that I feel like shit. I feel sluggish and tired all the time. This is only adding to my frustrations.

Last time, I talked about how it got hot and humid in the weeks I didn’t run and that fact hasn’t changed. I keep trying to tell myself that it’s the humidity slowing me down, I’ve never done well with it. Honestly though, I don’t give a shit what’s slowing me down, I’m just freaking sick of it.

So what am I going to do?

I’m going to keep working my ass off in hopes that my ass eventually starts to come off.

I’ll keep measuring my portions and watching every bite that I put in my mouth. I’ve even started looking at my calorie composition to make sure I’m eating the right kinds of food. I try to make sure that 45%-65% comes from carbs, 20%-35% comes from fat and 10%-35% comes from protein. Can you tell I like the numbers?

I’m going to keep running and doing yoga. I’m not going to let this frustrating allow me to sit on my ass, I’m going to push through it. And I’m going to pray to God that I find the magic bullet that gets things moving in the right direction again.

I’m going to try and be more positive, but good lord is that hard. I have a confession to make…Last week I picked up the scale and shook it while yelling at it. Yeah, not one of my finest moments.

I could use your help though. Have you ever fought the plateau that seemingly refused to quit? How did you bust through it? I’m open to some suggestions here.


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