A Week In Mommyland (Week 29)

22 Jul

This was a pretty tasty week here in Mommyland. I was able to have a lot of fun both with and without my guys and it was the best week we’ve had for a little while.



Bill was away so I took the day off of work so I didn’t need to burden my parents with the boys. So we weren’t sitting around the house all day I took us to the Herr’s Factory Tour. I swear, no matter how many times I go there, it never gets old. Even the boys really enjoy it every time.

After the tour we were given a bag of regular kettle chips and a bag of gluten free chips…I enjoyed both.

It’s kind of become tradition to get the grab bag of funky flavors from the gift shop. I had Firemen’s BBQ Chicken flavor first and it was AWESOME!!!

If you’re thinking about visiting the Herr’s Factory…DO IT!!!! It’s a fun, FREE tour.



Tuesday my Mom and I went on our yearly pilgrimage to Lancaster for some outlet shopping. I saw this sign in one of the stores and thought it was perfect, especially for the way Cameron has been acting lately.

My Mom and I enjoyed a fun day of shopping while my Dad had the boys for the day, I’m so lucky to have such amazing parents!

The downfall to Tuesday was that I had to go to work after all that shopping.



I tried to get out early to beat all the mothers with their obnoxious children to Target (yes, I know I am one of them too) and this is what I get, a train STOPPED across the highway. I would usually be doing 60+ here and instead I’m dead stopped.

The highlight, I was considered a cool mom for turning the radio off and putting down the window (in the blazing heat) so the boys could hear the train.



We did two tasty tours in one week! The Turkey Hill Experience was YUMMY! Picture this…all the ice cream (and iced tea) samples you can eat.

Of course the ice cream wasn’t the only cool part…Get it? COOL? There are a ton of cool (I did it again), interactive things to explore. You learn about the process of making ice cream and the different kinds of tea. We were able to make our own virtual ice cream flavor, container and even record a commercial for our flavor. I named mine Hot Mama Crunch.

After the tour we wandered through the gift shop and picked up a few bottles of iced tea and lemonade for the car ride home. I think we’ll be doing this one again!



We decided to enjoy a little wine with our Pizza Friday this week. This paint can holds four and a half bottles of delicious Paradocx Cabernet.

It was another week of supporting businesses local to Kennett Square because with our Paradocx wine we had pizza from State Street Pizza which just opened in The Market at Liberty Place. Let me tell you, their pizza was amazing! Six of us (two of them children) killed three large pizzas and we couldn’t get over how good they were. We have a new favorite pizza place!

If feels good to support our local businesses. Even if you don’t live here in Kennett Square be sure to support the locally owned businesses in your community.



We had a fun day at the pool together. Logan is becoming quite the water bug, he started the summer not wanting to get his face wet to jumping in the pool and diving for toys. He’s got a long way to go but he’s on his way.

Even my day at the pool had a little excitement. While I was standing in thigh deep water I was stung by a bee and it hurt like a bitch. I never even saw it coming. Afterwards I joked with Bill that the last time something stung me I was in the hospital the next day needing surgery and a month later I was pregnant…He didn’t laugh.

After dinner we hit Yo’r So Sweet for some crepes and ice cream and then went to the local high school for a carnival. No rides but we dumped a ton on stupid games. Logan lost yet another pair of sunglasses and I vowed to never buy him another pair.

Our family time together has become so much better without the constant worrying about the golf course.



Remember when I mentioned getting stung by a bee? The left was the sting on Saturday and the right is the rash I woke up with Sunday morning. Right leg gets stung, right arm gets a rash? I don’t know if the two are related or not but it sure seems coincidental. The rash is the worst on my right arm but is also on the left arm and both my legs. Of course there’s never any Benadryl when I need it.

Another fun day at the pool was followed by another delicious Pasta Sunday with my parents and then home for bed. After this fun week I’m beat!

How was your week? Did you have any fun adventures?

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