Adventures in Health (Volume 20)

23 Aug


August has been a tough month for me and exercise. Between scheduled renovations and unscheduled illness I’ve been struggling to put in the time.

The yoga studio has been closed for renovation so I’m going on two weeks without my beloved yoga. Before it closed down I had skipped a few classes to get other things done so it is partly my fault.

The running was going really well until I got sick. I had finally made it out for a ten mile run for the first time since Broad Street and was feeling pretty good.

Being sick for almost two whole weeks really set me back in my 100 mile challenge. What started out as needing to run about 5 and a half miles each run quickly became a need for 8 and my body (mainly my right knee) has had about enough. Bill keeps encouraging me to give up but I just can’t. I can’t really explain why but I NEED to see this through.

Of course Bill isn’t the only thing trying to get me to quit. My knee is working hard to keep me off the road and even my Nike+ app is working against me. That’s right, it kind of lost one of my runs. I can see that it’s there but it’s not counting towards my stats. So frustrating!

So where am I now? I have just shy of 32 miles left to go and one week to do it in.


I’m thinking that I might take a little time off or at least cut back on the mileage for September. This goal was supposed to be a stretch and now it’s turning into pushing my body to it’s breaking point.

WhenĀ I complete that 100th mile it’s going to be something MAJOR!


I think I’m doing a little better in the healthy foods department this month. Sure I still have my fair share of the junk food (I wouldn’t have it any other way), but I’m also eating more fresh, whole foods.

I have to say that buying the Vitamix has been one of the best things I could have done to give my healthy eating a boost. I enjoy seeing what combinations of fresh fruit and veggies give me a tasty treat. I’ve even stopped drinking my processed protein shakes and make my own shakes jam packed with nutrition.


My strawberry, flax seed shake.

We also invested in the dry blade container and have been making quinoa flour to use in things like pancakes and chicken fingers. I can’t wait to try out a few bread recipes using it.

All in all I’m doing pretty well. I feel good and have my diet and exercise routine to thank for it.

How are your adventures in health going? Have you tried a new exercise routine or been working on eating better? Share your adventures here with us so we can cheer you on.

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