How To: Get your post run hair under control

30 Aug

My running secret that has nothing to do with running.


When I run I sweat…A LOT! Like a wild beast. In fact I might actually sweat more than a wild beast. Even in the dead of winter, when it’s ten degrees outside, I’m sweating.

I can deal with the sweating but what has always driven me crazy is what it does to my hair. Since I’m completely inept when it comes to doing my own hair I am completely unable to do something like a French bread to keep my locks in check. Even a snot knot or a bun are out because it drives me crazy to have all that bouncing attached to my head.

So it’s the plain old ponytail for me.

Between the miles of swishing and sweating, my ponytail resembles more of a rat’s nest by the end of my run. I’d spend FOREVER trying to brush that mess out and would end up with a lot of broken strands on the floor.

Then one day it hit me…Detangling Spray!

The stuff was never around when I was growing up and my hair was so silky and smooth back then I don’t think I would have needed it. The only reason I knew about it was from my high school color guard days. For an entire season we were forced to purposely put knots in our hair and the detangling spray was a life saver back then.

OK, but back to my point.

It’s made for kids so it comes in fun, fruity scents. Mine is Double Dutch Apple, which also aids in covering up my post run wild beast smell.

I just spray it in my hair and brush those gnarly knots right out. It doubles as a leave in conditioner too which has really helped the health of my hair. I would say that using the detangling spray has reduced the post run breakage by more than 50%. My hair also feels a bit smoother than it did before.

Now I keep a bottle in my running bag AND in my bathroom so I’m never without it after a run. It’s a small investment (under $3) that will save you from tearing your hair out…Literally!

Do you have a favorite beauty secret? Please share with the rest of the class.

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