A Week In Mommyland (Weeks 38 – 41)

15 Oct

I’m struggling to get into some kind of routine. Sure, the kids are both back in school and they have their routine but my days are so out of control that it’s starting to mess with my ever wavering sanity. Clearly since it’s been nearly a month since I’ve shared anything with you I am struggling.

Bill is doing A LOT of traveling now and just when I get into a little routine with him being home he’s off again and a monkey wrench is thrown into my world.

You used to be able to set your watch to my running and yoga schedule and now my running has become more sporadic and I don’t remember when I last went to yoga. I’m frustrated, if there’s one thing it’s dangerous to mess with it’s my workouts.

Days pass and I honestly have no clue where they go. I blink and it’s time to get some sleep so I can do it all over again.

According to the calendar Bill won’t be traveling again for a while BUT many times trips come up last minute and he’s off with little more than a day’s notice. I knew having Bill run his own business would be difficult but I never expected the constant state of chaos it has put me in.

Alright, enough of my complaining, Since I’m four weeks behind in sharing my week with you I’ve decided to share the highlights of the past four weeks.


For those who have followed along in the two months I’ve owned my Vitamix, yes I still use it. I don’t use it every single day but there are day that I use it multiple times. On the day this photo was taken I had used it to make a delicious smoothie earlier in the day and then I used it again to make bread crumbs for dinner.

I like being in control of what goes into my bread crumbs and they’re always fresh.


I’ve done the seemingly impossible, I sold my big iPad. I wanted to help us save some much needed vacation money so I decided to sell my least used device. I have an iMac, a MacBook Air (which helps to fill the iPad void), an iPad Mini and an iPhone, it was time to let go of something.

I’m sure that I’ll get another one someday, especially since I have missed it a couple times in the past few weeks but my need for a worry free vacation was greater.


Cameron is really becoming quite the reader. Part of his homework every night is to read for at least 20 minutes. It’s the one thing he doesn’t give us a problem with and Logan enjoys it too.

I was always at least a grade level behind in reading so it makes me beyond proud to have such a strong reader. Hopefully Logan will have a love for reading too.


It looks like I have more than one eager to learn kid in my house. Once Logan got started on his workbook he didn’t want to stop.

I can’t believe that less than a year from now he’ll be a Kindergartner. How did THAT happen?


What weekend would be complete without a trip to the (germ infested) indoor play place?

The boys had a blast running around like maniacs for a few hours and they were ready for an early bedtime when all was said and done. Cameron even ran into a friend from school and he and his siblings joined my two for some fun.

I swear everywhere we go Cameron sees someone he knows.


My sister got a new puppy and I had a chance to meet her. Her name is Zoey and as you can see she is VERY cute.

I wanted a little puppy. Remember Hemi? I coveted my neighbor’s dog for a while and I still get excited when he comes over for a visit. BUT much like seeing the mommies with babies at the preschool made me realize I’m finished having kids, spending time with my sister’s dog made me realize I’d rather just get another cat.

Sure, Zoey is cute and sweet but damn, she’s a lot of work. I can barely take care of the dependents I have, I need a more self-sufficient pet.


Saturday was the Fall Festival at Cameron’s school. It’s a great fundraiser that the PTA puts on and it does a great job of bringing the school community together.

Of course I was starting to twitch by the time we left. Picture wall to wall, sugared up children running all over the school. It was LOUD!

We did stop in to see what was up for grabs at the Silent Auction. There were tables upon tables of wonderful things. Each class had a contribution to the auction and there were many more (really nice) donated items. Had I been alone to peruse the tables I probably would have ended up with a lot more.

The only thing I bid on was a book of poetry written by the kids in Cameron’s second grade class. How could any mother NOT want this? I was only the second bidder and thought for sure I’d never win…But I did!!! This book is something truly special to me and I will treasure it always. It will probably become part of my fall decor in the house.

So there you have it. I’m sure there were some other interesting things that have happened here in Mommyland over the past four weeks but I’m so fried I can’t really remember. Here’s to me finding some kind of routine in the VERY near future.

I hope you have been doing well.

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