30 Day Plank-A-Day Challenge

20 Jan

My core has always been my weak spot. Certain yoga poses are downright impossible because of my lack of core strength.

I’m trying to do something about that though.

At the beginning of January I decided to give the 30 Day Plank Challenge a try to see if it helps to strengthen my weak core. It starts with a quick 20 second plank, which had me shaking the first day. Now I am more than halfway through the challenge and I’m up to two and a half minutes with a five minute plank being the end game.

Right now it’s hard to believe I’ll ever make it to a five minute plank but a few weeks ago it was hard to believe I’d ever make it to two minutes.

I am starting to feel stronger with each increase in time. I’ve also gotten much more tuned into my body and I can tell when something is off in my form and make the corrections I need. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that if your back hurts you’re doing it wrong.

When I’m doing other things two minutes fly by but when I’m down there in a plank the seconds go painfully slow. I’m at the point now where I have to keep the timer out of sight to make it through, watching those seconds tick by seems that make the fatigue come a lot faster.


What I haven’t figured out is what’s next? I’d like to continue to add on to my time and hopefully continue to strengthen my weakest part. Is there a program for that or am I going to be on my own come February?

What is your weak spot?

Have you ever tried one of these thirty day challenges? How did it work out for you?

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