34 Fun Facts About Me

27 Mar


It’s that time of year again, another birthday and another bunch of possibly interesting things about me. Today I turn 34, so keeping with the tradition I set two years ago I will now share with you 34 facts about me.

1. It took me nearly 34 years to run my first half marathon and I couldn’t be prouder of that accomplishment.

2. In a few days I’ll be running my second half marathon and I can’t wait.

3. I am now on my seventh car since getting my license.

4. My favorite vacation is a Carnival cruise.

5. I have been able to get off the sleep aids and now only have warm milk with nutmeg to put me to sleep at night.

6. I go to Costco at least once a week.

7. I hate my brown eyes.

8. I drink more than a gallon of water a day.

9. I have become hopelessly addicted to running.

10. I am also hopelessly messy.

11. I do not want to have anymore children, two is enough for me.

12. Even though I don’t want anymore children I do wish I had a little girl.

13. I wouldn’t trade Cameron and Logan for anything in this world. (Which make the previous two facts interesting).

14. I would rather spend money on workout clothes than regular clothes. Ahhhhh, I do love Athleta so very much.

15. I love Starbucks lattes.

16. I overanalyze everything.

17. Now that I’ve fallen so deeply in love with running I’d love to become a coach for people who are just starting out with it.

18. I am addicted to food and emotional eating is something I struggle with everyday.

19. I am constantly trying to eat more healthy, clean foods.

20. I was in my thirties before I tried a peach for the first time. I did not like it.

21. I never thought that running a full marathon was something I would ever do but after running a half I think it’s something I’d like to try. I just need to find the time to commit to it.

22. Sometimes I walk in circles around my house just so I can get my 10,000 steps in every day.

23. I grew up hating my name but the older I get the more I like it…It makes me memorable.

24. Because people look at me funny when I say my name is Mychal I give a different name every time I go to Starbucks.

25. I want to be an inspiration to others in some way. I just want to make an impact on the world around me.

26. I carry a (reusable) water bottle with me everywhere I go.

27. My favorite number is 21.

28. Even though I live in the mushroom capital of the world I hate mushrooms.

29. I started wearing a Fitbit in the summer of 2011 and have worn it every day since.

30. The only channel I listen to on my Sirius radio is Lithium.

31. My favorite musician is Chris Cornell.

32. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Vitamix, it was the best $500 we’ve ever spent.

33. I like red meat and I like it as close to raw as possible.

34. My favorite kind of cake is chocolate with buttercream frosting.

Now it’s time for me to go enjoy my birthday.

If you want to see more fun facts about me from my last two birthdays, they can be found HERE and HERE.


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