My 3 Day Cleanse & Detox

30 Sep

Mommyland cleanse

After weeks of sitting around on the couch and not eating the way I should, it was time to do something to jumpstart my way back into a healthy lifestyle. I’ve wanted to try a cleanse for a while and I thought that now was the perfect opportunity to do it.

I searched the internet for a cleanse that I could handle with my childlike pallet.

It was actually Bill who found a good one from Skinny Ms that was more than just a juice or smoothie cleanse, I could actually eat real food. To me, having the opportunity to chew some food made it sound more doable. I like smoothies and shakes as much as the next girl but I’m not sure if I could survive on drink alone.

Let the games begin.

Off I went on my three day journey. My first tip for having a successful cleanse is don’t start it the weekend of a major food festival in your town. Walking through the Mushroom Festival in my town was pure torture but I somehow managed to stay strong.

I first day of the cleanse I felt weak and hungry. I honestly thought this might have been a bad idea, but I stuck with it.

I choked down the veggies that I would normally eat with some hummus or ranch and I stuck with the program. By day two I wasn’t feeling much more energetic which had me surprised since I was cutting out the crap and eating only whole foods. I actually developed a pretty nasty headache which I’m thinking had to do with the lack of processed sugar in the cleanse. Finally day three had arrived and somewhere around midday my headache was gone.

The Flush the Fat Away Vegetable Soup was simply amazing and by far my favorite part of this cleanse. Not only was the soup tasty, it was filling as well, which had become a very important attribute. We actually made it the other night and added sausage (shhh, don’t tell) and it was perfect. Of course sausage is NOT part of the cleanse.

I made sure during the cleanse that I was drinking lots of water. Skinny Ms recommends at least 4 12oz glasses of water but I worked hard to get my 125oz a day. As I drank more water I felt less hungry which to me was important to making it the full three days. As far as water consumption goes, I’d say to shoot for half your weight in ounces and more if your exercising. So if you weigh 120 pounds drink 60oz of water each day.

The results?

In the course of the three days I lost five pounds. I saw my energy level bounce back once the cleanse was over and I noticed an increase in my energy level overall from before to after. The cleanse and detox reminded my body how good fresh, whole food is and it made getting back into my healthy habits a lot easier.

Would I recommend this cleanse and detox program?

Yes. If you’re already into the habit of eating clean and healthy I don’t really think you need a cleanse like this BUT if you’re not eating well it’s a great way to jumpstart your way to health. This cleanse and detox also seems like a good way to start the New Year. We tend to go from Thanksgiving to the New Year over indulging in yummy but not always healthy foods and this cleanse can really help you start the New Year off right.

Have you ever tried a cleanse and detox? How did it work out for you?

Disclaimer: Of course this is my personal experience with this particular cleanse and detox, result will certainly vary. I am also not a medical professional. 

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