Finding Happiness In Everyday

24 Mar

Back in January I started doing something which I’m sure many of my Facebook friends were relieved to see. To mix up the bitchy posts on my wall I decided to post three things that made me happy during the day.

The idea was born while I was working at the Y one day. I got to talking with someone about a book and coinciding seminar that were a hot topic at the facility that week. I haven’t read the book but I decided that it was important to find three things in every single day, even the bad ones, that made me happy.


Something new was born.

For the most part I’ve made a post similar to the one above very evening.

I’m a busy mother of two little boys and the wife of a man who owns his own business so there are some challenging days here in Mommyland. Hell, there are some days when I wonder why I even got out of bed, but even on the worst of days I still work hard to find three things that made me happy.

I don’t always come up with deep things, some days it’s something as simple as my Starbucks Latte. In fact most days it’s the simple pleasures that make me happy.

So why did I do it? I saw that I was using my Facebook page as a place to bitch about the inconveniences in life and thought that I needed something to balance it all out. I needed to remind myself that I’m a pretty lucky girl who has it pretty good.

By making these posts on my Facebook page I feel like I’m being held accountable to take that step back and find some happiness in each and every day.

I challenge you to join me in posting three things that made you happy each day on your social channels. Use #ThreeHappyThings so I can follow along.


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