Mommyland Happenings {Volume 12}

28 Mar

We enjoyed Spring Break in Maryland. It wasn’t even close to warm but we made the most of the week and had a lot of fun.



Logan was still using training wheels. The poor kid was terrified of the two wheeler and it wasn’t until we offered him a new bike that he decided it was time to ditch the training wheels. His bike had gotten too small for him anyway.

One push and he was off like he’d been on two wheels for years. Moments after this photo was taken we left to buy him a new bike.



Logan with his brand new bike. The kid was so excited and proud to have a bike with real gears and hand breaks.

It’s nice that he can keep up with the rest of us now.



We took the boys to ride on a trail at the local YMCA in Maryland. I was jealous when I saw this giant slip and slide. I’m sure it’s totally dangerous but it looks totally fun. The photo doesn’t do justice to the size of the thing.



We spent Wednesday in OCMD. We rode bikes on the boardwalk, played laser tag, mini golf, and ate yummy pizza.

Of course we stopped at my favorite brewery for a tasting and a growler to take home. I love the sign they have on their bathroom door.



Before he hit the road for home we went on one last family bike ride. Of course the nicest day of the week was the day we left.



I have a water bottle addiction. I LOVE the S’well bottles but they’re so expensive. Luckily they make a less expensive version that’s sold at Target. I think I’ll be going back for a few more styles.



The boys had their belt testing on Saturday. Logan (top) received his green belt and Cameron (bottom, little person in the back) received his brown belt. I’m so proud of how well the boys did. We love karate!

Another busy week that flew right by.

How was your week?

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