Mommyland Happenings {Volume 13}

4 Apr

What started out as a pretty decent week quickly turned on me. It started with birthday fun and ended sick in bed.



I shared my birthday with Easter this year. Instead of dinner at home I asked to go out. I had asked to go to Outback (since we had to take the kids) but the boys surprised me with a trip to my favorite place, The Melting Pot. There were lots of smiles and laughs, it was the prefect birthday.



The week continued on a high note when the boys came home from school with their spring photos. I think these are probably the best school pictures I’ve ever seen.

Seriously though, when did my babies get so grown up?



I can’t remember the last time I read an actual book made of paper, I usually read on my iPad. When Bill brought this (autographed) book home from the original Starbucks store I thought I’d give it a read.

It’s really good! It’s a business book that reads more like a best seller. As soon as I started reading it I saw so many parallels to our business that I told Bill he should read it too.



Since I had to be at work early Thursday morning I needed to get my Thursday work out of the way Wednesday night.

When this photo was taken I wasn’t feeling very well and an hour later I felt like death and needed to find someone willing to work for me. Little did I know what was to come.



I spent most of Thursday wishing for death. As I consulted my WebMD app I realized that I probably had the flu. In a desperate attempt at some relief I rolled this bad boy all over.



I went to the doctor Friday and it was confirmed, I have the flu. I will never skip my flu shot again.

Thankfully I have my little buddy to keep me company because being sick is very lonely when you don’t want to get anyone else in your house sick too. Cooper has been at my side the entire time, it’s like he knows I don’t feel well so he here for me.



God help me! We took the kids to Target to pick out something they would like and Logan got his hands on a Despicable Me “Fart Gun”. He was dancing in the aisle making fart noises before finally doing this.

If you don’t have little boys in your life, this is what it sometimes looks like.

It was a long, tough week and I look forward to having a much better week this week. Hopefully I’ll start feeling a little more like myself and be able to catch up on everything I didn’t accomplish last week.

I hope you have a spectacular week.

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