Mommyland Happenings {Volume 14}

11 Apr

Winter made a comeback last week and I did not like it. On a more positive note, I did finally recover from my bout with the flu.

Here’s a look into my week here in Mommyland.



I was able to go into work for a few hours Sunday morning thanks to one of my coworkers helping me out by coming in early. When I got home, Logan had a little surprise for me. The boys went to Target when I was gone and Logan picked this super cute water bottle out for me.

He’s my sweet baby.



Monday morning work date with Bill. We had proposals to do and the world to dominate.

I LOVE my new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard by the way.



It’s freezing cold out and my child decides that a light hoodie was acceptable to wear to the bus stop. As he complained about the cold I was sure to tell him, “I told you so”.

I’ve begun to pick my battles and if he wants to freeze his ass of, that’s on him.



Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to sit and eat everything that’s not nailed down? That was me on Wednesday.

Cameron was saving his Cadbury egg for last and I swooped in and ate it while he was at school. Mother of the Year here! Thanks Cameron, it was delicious. Oh, it took him two days to realize it was missing so I don’t feel too bad about eating it.



Thursday sucked! It was cold and rainy but in the evening the rain went away and left behind this super bright double rainbow.

The photo seriously doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this rainbow.



When did this kid get so grown up? He’s 7 going on 17.

We took the kids out for dinner on Friday night. The place has a bunch of different food vendors and you pick what you want then have a seat. It’s very family friendly so we give the kids a little more room to be kids. Poor Logan coughs a lot when he gets excited or runs around too much (not that he was running around), he’s got this nasty, barking cough. He and Cameron were screwing around taking funny photos of each other and Logan started that cough. Long story a bit shorter some woman decided to butt in where she had no business and comment about him being sick. When I told her he wasn’t sick she chucked all kinds of attitude at me because she didn’t believe me. I ended up (quietly) telling her off as we were leaving where she proceeded to give me the excuse that she was concerned because SHE gets sick easily.

Here’s are two tips for all of you out there. First, mind your damn business! It is not your concern what other people do with their kids unless they are giving them a beatdown. Second, if YOU get sick easily, STAY HOME!



April 9th and it snowed all day long. We had to drive into Philadelphia to pick up race packets for our half marathon and this is the crap we encountered. The roads were a bit dicey in spots because no one was prepared for the snow.

Seeing this on the day before a race did not leave me feeling excited to run.

That’s my week in a nutshell.

This week I’m hoping for warmer weather and a little more motivation to be the rock star I know I can be.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

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