Mommyland Happenings {Volume 15}

18 Apr

I did a pretty crappy job taking photos this week. Could it be that my week was THAT uneventful that I couldn’t find anything to take a picture of?

Maybe it’s just me, I was feeling pretty down and out all week.


Philly Love Recap

Sunday was an eventful day here, Bill and I ran the Philly Love Run Half Marathon for the third year in a row. Of course once we got home I made myself comfortable on the couch and stayed there most of the day.

It was far from my best time but the weather was nice and I had good company. You can get more details right HERE.



Still feeling pretty sore from the race, I spent a good portion of my day resting my legs. Cooper was always close at hand to make sure I was ok. Oh who am I kidding, he was looking for a warm body to snuggle up next to.



I fought and fought hard to get Bill to OK adopting Cooper. He wanted nothing to do with a dog and now look at them.

When they’re sitting together, this is usually how you’ll see them. Cooper is Bill’s little baby and while he won’t openly admit it, he loves him.



I went to the grocery store on Wednesday…WooHoo. I enjoy wandering up and down all the aisles (and I can do this because I never bring the children) and while in the dog food aisle I saw this. I needed to do a double take and make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

I guess some dog parents feed their pooches canned green beans? At least they’re free from added salt.



It was a huge day here Thursday, my new running shoes arrived. It was time, in fact it was probably passed time.

They’re so pretty and they’re like walking on clouds. BUT, part of the reason I was down in the dumps last week is because I can’t take them for a spin yet. I’m trying to make sure this pain in my foot is gone before I head out and run again. I’m giving it one more week before I call Rothman. Until then, I put them on and did a lap around the first floor of my house.



More aches and pains. In last week’s race I hurt my IT band and now I’ve been rotating the ice, elevation, foam roller and stim.

This is how I started my day.



We visited the in laws on Saturday for my father in law’s birthday. On the way there we passed this doing 55MPH down the highway. The dog did NOT look very happy about his situation at all. Look at the guy, all bundled up and protected from the wind while his dog is back there exposed to it all. JERK!

After I stopped crying because I was so worried, we had a fun time visiting Gma and Gpa. Good food, fun and family, can’t ask for anything more.

I promise to try harder this week to show some more interesting things. If anything I’ll make an effort to be interesting for you.

Have a fantastic week.

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