Mommyland Happenings {Volume 18}

9 May

Wow, what a week. This week reminded me that life can take a drastic turn in the blink of an eye. Someone can be smiling at your kitchen take one day and the very next they are in a fight for their life.

While last week was probably the scariest and most stressful of my 36 years, there were also little (and huge) victories sprinkled throughout.



We celebrated Cameron’s birthday with the grandparents on Sunday evening. He was so excited to greet his visitors that he stood looking out for them for almost an hour.

He had a great birthday celebration with some really cool gifts. He asked for red velvet cake, so that’s what I got for him.

Great food. Great fun. Great family.



I had plans for Monday. Bill and I were going to run out and grab things we needed for our business trip later in the week. I was heading to the kitchen for my morning snack when the phone rang and my frantic mother was on the other end. Dad was rushed from the doctor to the ER. My plans changed instantly.

A few minutes later I was in the car and on my way to pick up mom and get her to the hospital where we would stay well into the evening.

Dad’s ER bed was next to the bathroom where there was a little flood created by a young man who was not interested in providing a urine sample. The river above ended up getting much longer and was only about a foot from where I was sitting.



Early morning at the hospital as they prepped my dad for a quadruple bypass, go big or go home, right?

My mom, sister and I sat for most of the day in a freezing waiting room where every hour felt like a day. Finally, the surgeon came out and told us dad made it through like a rock star and that we’d be able to see him soon. What I wasn’t prepared for was what I would see when we went in there. I’ve never seen so many IV tubes! 15 different things hanging there being pumped into my father.

My strong, tough as nails father looked so frail and weak.

(For his privacy I blurred dad out of the photo)

Cameron’s tenth birthday kind of sucked but he was more worried about his Poppy than his birthday.



Wednesday was a day of victories.

I visited my dad and as soon as I walked into his room he flashed a big smile. He looked so much better in just a few hour’s time, his color was coming back, his eyes were open, he had much of his personality back, it was awesome!

The exciting day continued when Logan got home from school with his latest math test. 35 out of 36…Finally! He has been struggling to get to the 30 mark all year and he finally knocked it out of the park. He was so proud of himself, he worked hard and he did it!



In celebration of Logan’s math test we went to Outback for dinner.

First we stopped by so the kids could see their Poppy, they had been begging all week. Mom came along for her first real meal of the week and, once the kids started behaving, we had a nice time.

Cameron, goofy as always, was going for the ninja look (I think).



Friday welcomed me with more good news.

I didn’t get to go on the business trip we had planned but I sent Bill along without me. My work as Director of Social Media received an award! The TurfFIT Virtual 5K was my baby and I couldn’t be more proud that it was recognized.

Dad continues to make huge strides in his recovery and was on point to come home over the weekend.



I’ve been itching for a change in my office lately so Saturday, after coming home from the hospital, I got to it to make some changes. I’m limited in what I can do because of the room and the size of my computer but I’m liking the new desk layout, it works a little better for me and gives me a little more room.

Yes, I use two computers and an iPad daily, sometimes I have all three of them up and running at once.

That’s my week people. I’m REALLY hoping for uneventful this week, I’ve had enough excitement for a while. Bill is away for eight days at The Players Championship so things are looking to be a bit chaotic, but hey, a girl can dream.

Have a fantastic week!

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