Mommyland Happenings {Week 32}

21 Aug

I always say, better late than never. I leave for Maryland with the best of intentions when it comes to getting stuff done but things never seem to work out how I plan.

So here you go, nearly a week late. Enjoy.



The family who plays together, stays together. After I got home from work we did a family workout in the backyard.

Even though I was not really a fan of being out in the sun and the heat and I was an itchy mess from being down in the fresh cut grass, it was fun for the four of us to do something like that together.



This is what it looks like when you catch the boys up to no good.

As I was walking down the steps to the basement, they were down there jumping on the furniture. What you can’t see in this photo is the bar off to the right that they like to stand on and jump on to the couch.

Boys will be boys? It’s all fun and game until someone breaks an arm? Seriously though, I wonder how they’ll feel when they destroy the couch and have to sit on the floor?



Tuesday I had a much needed shopping adventure with my mom. While we were out I pick up the latest Harry Potter book. What I didn’t know was that Bill had picked up a copy for me as well…Great minds I guess.

I read the entire thing before I went to bed on Tuesday night. It was pretty good, if you’ve read the other books, I recommend this one too.



One of my favorite things about having a home gym is that I’m able to shift gears very quickly to get a workout in. Wednesday I was able to take a break in the action for a quick workout then it was right back in the office to keep plugging away.

I’m wondering why we didn’t add the gym years ago?!?



When we bought the Vitamix a few years back some people thought it might be a novelty that we’d soon stop using. Our sanity was questioned for buying a, “$500 blender”. I’m happy to say that after two years, we still use our Vitamix daily. Sometimes two or three times a day.



Drop the kids off at karate and go grab a beer. Sounds good to me.

The marketplace in town has a wine bar that just recently started serving beer too. They only have a few local brews on tap but I found one that I really like.

After karate, Bill picked up the kids and brought them to the marketplace for dinner.



This dog loves to snuggle. He laid in my arms and snored while I watched the olympics. It’s a hard knock life for Coop.

Another week in the books! Stay tuned for Mommyland Happenings from Workation.

I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

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