About Me

Hi, I’m Mychal! Welcome to My Life In Mommyland!

This page is grossly out of date! Update to come!

First and foremost, I’m the mother to two adorable little guys. Cameron (9) and Logan (7) keep me on my toes most days, but that’s what makes Mommyland so much fun!


I am also wife to Bill, CEO of Turf Republic and super techie. The four of us share our Apple-centric house on The Hill with our fat cat, Princess Nittany, our Yorkie, Cooper and a fish named Finn.


My days are filled with the adventure that is motherhood, the good, the bad, and the stinky. I started blogging as a way to share my sometimes crazy stories with others. I could have never imagined what I would get out of my blogging; the wonderful people I would meet, and the things I would learn, including the fact that I’m not alone out here. Other mothers have the same struggles that I have, and that knowledge has done wonders for my outlook on motherhood.

I am a huge fan of my tech gadgets and people who know me know that I usually always have my iPhone in hand. When I’m not playing with my toys, I love to spend time with my family. We love to find new and fun things to do in our area and we are usually on the go all weekend long. When the weather is nice, we are happiest just playing and running around in our backyard.


In addition to telling you all my story here in Mommyland, I am also the founder and moderator of an online community called Wives of Turf. What started as a way to find other women who had married into the “Turf Lifestyle” has become a life enriching experience for me. I am also an active member of the Philly Social Media Moms. PSMM is an amazing group of over 200 women who come together for networking, support and education.

Wives of Turf

Wives of Turf 1st Annual Sip & Social (Las Vegas)

In my life before Mommyland, I received my degree in Business (with a minor in Retail) from Penn State. I also was an avid karaoke singer, shopoholic and self proclaimed Princess. I worked, I made my own money and I wore nice clothes. It’s amazing how being a mother changes EVERYTHING, but I wouldn’t trade my sometimes goo covered wardrobe for anything.

I hope you enjoy My Life In Mommyland!