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Backyard Chicken Farmer

14 Mar

I asked Bill years ago if we could get some chickens and he always said no, but after chatting with some backyard chicken farming friends of ours, he relented. And thus began my journey to becoming a backyard chicken farmer.

We picked out our coop and started researching the breeds we would get. Who knew that there were chickens that are cold or heat tolerant? I bet you didn’t know that there are breeds of chickens that are considered more suburban birds because they tend to make less noise…I sure didn’t. We also needed to research what the rules were in our township. 

I placed the order in early December of 2017…Yes, I ordered my chickens from the internet. Who knew?!? 

My girls were hatched on my thirteenth anniversary (2/12/18) and shipped overnight to my local post office. I was learning something new at every turn of this adventure and I was educating others along the way, like everyone who happened to be in the post office when I picked up a box of chirping birds.

Backyard Chicken Farmer

They made their home in a 50 gallon tote, which they quickly grew out of. Since we got them in the dead of winter, they needed to stay inside for the first few months. They stayed in my kitchen! 

I pretty much gave up on the mess quickly. Even having them living in a giant box, the dust and feathers that they sent into the air was INSANE! At one point we gave up on the kitchen table and started eating all our meals at the island. 

Finally they were big enough and it was warm enough for them to go outside. I spent the next three days scrubbing the first floor of the house. 

We’re a little more than a year into the adventure of being backyard chicken farmers and I have to say it’s been a great experience.

My plan is to break out different bits and pieces of backyard chicken farming to share with you. Do you have any questions? Is there anything you’d love to know about having your own flock of birds? Drop me a line!


A Week In Mommyland (Week 35)

2 Sep

Back to school time has arrived!!! This week was CRAZY here in Mommyland as everyone adjusted to the new routine. Oh who am I kidding, we’re still pretty far from adjusted.



Cameron started second grade and was both excited and nervous for a new teacher, in a new classroom, with new classmates. He keeps saying he hates school and that it’s no fun…suck it up kid!

I don’t think he really means it, I think it’s just Cameron being Cameron.



Ever since Cameron went to art camp this summer he’s gotten even more into drawing. He drew this for Bill and I couldn’t help but smile.

It’s supposed to be Optimus Prime (that’s Transformers for anyone who might not have boys) and while it looks very little like Optimus, he’s still cute. I think Cameron might be our budding little artist.



Logan hasn’t started back to school yet so he’s been my sidekick while Cameron is at school all day. It’s kind of fun palling around with him and he’s much better behaved when big brother isn’t around.



Since Cameron has gotten so into drawing I thought he needed a little art set. I found this cool Crayola set that had a sketch book, stencils, markers, colored pencils and twistable crayons in it. He wasted no time breaking it out and drawing a bunch of pictures.

When Cameron isn’t playing on his iPad, he’s drawing. Can you guess which one I prefer him to do? I’ll give you a hint, what I’d rather Cameron be doing does not need a power supply.



We took the kids into town to The Market at Liberty Place and Cameron ran into a bunch of buds from school. The conversation revolved around Minecraft and what apps they all have on their iPads. Yes, they’re in second grade.

It was cute to see them all hanging out chatting on a Friday night, it’s like a glimpse of that’s to come. Only then they won’t let me anywhere near them.



We have finally gotten tired of our property looking as if the Adams family lives here! Everything growing outside has gotten out of control and when I think of how we were looking better than Longwood Gardens only a few short years ago it makes me sick.

I couldn’t take the gnats out there so it was all Bill and the kids getting things cleaned up. We have a long way to go but the house looks so much better already.



As if Bill hadn’t done enough by pruning and cleaning out most of the overgrowth, he decided to move the entrance to the back deck while he was at it. It used to be on the right side facing the neighbor’s house and it was an uneven step off.

Now the deck feels so much bigger and the kids love taking off out the back door and heading straight out to the swing set.

Step by step, little by little we are making The Hill our own.

How was your week? Did the kids go back to school or were you enjoying the last little bit of summer? Feel free to share your highlights.

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