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What We Found In Lost Egypt {Review & Giveaway}

11 May

Disclaimer: I was given tickets to The Franklin Institute and the Lost Egypt exhibit free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always, the opinions are all mine.

Before I start I need to say that my photos are lacking because Bill and I both used our phones to take pictures and while we were out his phone was hacked and erased along with all the photos he took that day.

We took the boys on a weekday figuring that it might be a little less crowded but it was Election Day so no such luck.

Lost Egypt

As soon as we walked into the exhibit we saw this super awesome camel. The boys couldn’t wait to hop on for a photo or two. They never want their picture taken so the fact that they were more than just willing is saying a lot.

Lost Egypt

Making the wind blow around the pyramids.

There were so many fun, interactive things to see and do. It was fun for the kids but it was also really interesting for the adults. The exhibits made the kids think. From seeing what happens to sand as it blows around the pyramids, to trying to piece together a broken pot, everything was very engaging.

Lost Egypt

Piecing together an ancient pot.

My favorite part was the ancient artifacts. Looking at mummies and stones that were thousands upon thousands of years old was quite humbling. I had Cameron doing the math to figure out how old each artifact was so it was extra educational for him.

Lost Egypt

Logan loved looking at the x-ray of the mummified cat.

The only downside is that it was too small, I left there wanting more.

Here’s were you can be a winner. Use the widget below to enter to win a family four pack of tickets to see the Lost Egypt exhibit for yourself. The tickets include admission to The Franklin Institute as well.

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There’s never a dull moment in Mommyland

21 Nov

Warning! This post is graphic. If you have just eaten, are thinking about eating or haven’t eaten at all today, you might want to skip this one. 

I remember a few years back the Army used this line that went something to the effect, “We do more by 9am than most people do all day.” They might still use that one, and I’m sure it’s true, most days I’m lucky to get a shower before 9am. Oh who am I kidding, most days I’m lucky to get a shower at all.

But I digress…

This morning I had more nastiness happen to me before 9am than most people have all day, maybe even all week.

Here’s how it all began:

I walk out of my room after getting showered and dressed to see Cameron wearing nothing but his PJ shirt with his hands behind his back. Odd. I happily say good morning, ask why he’s not wearing any pants (yes, I sometimes have to ask things like that), and tell him to at least get some underwear on. He looks up at me with a terrified stare. Then I notice a little marble drop to the floor. Oh. My. GOD! I seriously caught the phantom crapper in the act. I screamed at him to get to the bathroom. Off he ran, hands clasped to his ass, full tilt down the hall leaving a trail behind him. This is NOT happening…Oh wait, it is. Oh, and it wasn’t the kind of poop that was unexpected. He had time to get to the bathroom if he wanted to.

I of course sent Bill a photo of what I had to deal with while he was at work (since he thinks I’ve got it so easy), lucky for me he opened it while eating his morning granola bar. Take THAT!! He had the nerve to complain I ruined his breakfast. Really? Get your ass home and clean this mess up then.

Back to the story. I got the mess cleaned up and Cameron got dressed.

I got the kids breakfast, then made time to feed myself. It seemed like the shitty part of my day was behind me.

Or was it???

I was on my first of many daily phone conversations with my mom discussing the ignorance of some people in the world when it hit me. I’m not feeling so hot. Ok, this is nothing new, my vitamins upset my stomach everyday. I ran out to the car and grabbed a piece of minty gum to help settle things down. By the time I got back inside I was rushing my mom off the phone and drooling like a Saint Bernard. This was NOT going to end well for me. I barely made it to the bathroom before the projectile vomit was spewing out of me like Mount Vesuvius. There went my breakfast (rented), my tea, my vitamins and most importantly my birth control pill. Please let some of that little pink pill have absorbed before it was so violently expelled from my body.

See, I told you it was gross! I’m hoping that that’s all the universe has in store for me today, any more just wouldn’t be fair.

Have a nastiness free day!!

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