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Setting My Biggest Running Goal Yet

5 Aug


I took my first steps into running in late October of 2012. It wasn’t easy and I quickly learned just how dreadfully out of shape I was.

As the days passed and I started logging more miles it slowly became a little easier. One day I was even able to do an entire run without any walk breaks.

As the months passed I started to feel stronger, I started to run faster and I started to be able to go further and further. I found that I WANTED to keep going. Running wasn’t a chore or a necessary evil, it was something I enjoy…Maybe even love.

Here I sit, less than a year into this journey and I am in love. I love to lace up my shoes and head out. Every single run is different and everyday there are new challenges.

I can’t afford therapy but my runs do a great job of helping me work through my problems.

Since the very beginning of this journey I have set goals for myself and I’m not going to stop doing that now.

When I looked at my final numbers for the month of July (78.4 miles, 9:18/mile average) I immediately saw what my next goal needs to be. I’m going to run 100 miles in the month of August. The closest I’ve ever come to 100 miles was back in April when I was hot and heavy into my Broad Street Run training. Even back then I only ran 84 miles in the entire month.

Let’s break it down. 100 miles in a month is a little more than a 5K every single day. Here’s the thing, I only run 3-4 days a week. That comes out to a lot of long runs.

Now for some 100 miles in 31 days is child’s play. Some could do that with one leg tied behind their back. For me this will be a challenge. It’s what I like to call a stretch goal, something that is attainable but it’s going to take extra work.

I need to stay healthy. I need to make the time to get out there. I need the cooperation from my family to allow me to make it there. I need to do a lot of running.

Please come along with me as I make my way to the 100 mile mark. I’m going to need all the cheers I can get. I’ll post periodic updates both here on the blog and on the Mommyland Facebook page.

Here’s where I am as of today (5 days in with 26 more to go)…24.3 miles down 75.7 to go.

How about you? Do you have any goals for running? No goal is too small! I’d love to cheer you on too.

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