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Happy Birthday Bill!

29 Jul

Birthday-2Today is kind of a big deal here in Mommyland. Today is Bill’s birthday and it’s a big one, today he turns 40.

How the hell did that happen? I’m sure he’s wondering that even more than me. I feel like we were just celebrating his 30th!

I wanted to feature him today and make a big deal over this milestone year because he’s something special. His drive and determination is something you don’t see very much anymore.

Bill is hardworking. Hardworking might just be an understatement, the man took an idea and turned it into a business that pays the bills and keeps us in our house on The Hill.

Before that he worked his ass off to become a Certified Golf Course Superintendent, a distinction that only 8% of superintendents in the US receive and only 2% worldwide. To me that’s something spectacular.

His career isn’t the only thing he excels at either.

Birthday-1Bill is an amazing father! The boys have wanted to be just like him from the time they were toddlers. He’s patient with them, so much more than I am. Bill also works hard to spend quality time with them even at his busiest times. Cameron and Logan are his priority.

How is he as a husband? Pretty freaking great!

He is so tolerant of my craziness. He is my protector, right there when something or someone happens to try and bring me down. I know he’s got my back even when I might not be entirely right (which doesn’t happen often). He does nice things and brings me treats at the very moment I need them the most. Bill also gives me control of the radio in the car. All. The. Time! To me that’s a big deal.

birthday-3He’s always thoughtful and caring, I know I’m a priority too.

When I tell Bill how proud I am of him he usually brushes me off with some ridiculous comment. I really am proud to be his wife though. He’ll probably never know just how proud I am. I am constantly in awe of him and the things he does each and every day.

Today is his birthday and instead of taking the day off, like I would, he got up early this morning to work, and this afternoon he’ll drive an hour to take Cameron to Apple Camp then drive another hour home.

On this, his 40th birthday, I hope he knows how much the boys and I love him.

Happy Birthday Honey!

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