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Surviving My First Blog Conference

20 May

I finally worked up the courage to go to my first blogging conference. I have to say, I was nervous and intimidated. You might not know this, but Mommyland is smaller than small in the wonderful world of blogging. I’m OK with that though because I love it.

Anyway, moving along.

In my normal Murphy’s Law style, I missed the hotel and had to park a few blocks away. No biggie since I probably saved a few bucks on parking by not parking at the hotel.

Once we got to registration I couldn’t find my name badge, which of course sent me into a panic. Crisis averted, the M page was just being printed. But once again, it was totally my bad luck that it would be the M page and not one of the other 25 letters that was late.

Let the games begin.

Time to find my seat. One of the main things that had me a nervous wreck was the seating arrangements, it was assigned seats. I had to leave my security blanket (other blogging friends) and sit with a table of people I had never seen before. I am so painfully shy in person and it takes me a while to warm up to people. If you met me this weekend at Bloggy Bootcamp and I seemed like a snooty bitch, I’m just shy.

I did make an effort to come out of my shell a little bit. On the plus side I didn’t feel physically ill like I usually do in a room of this many new people. While the assigned seating had me close to wetting my pants in fear during the days leading up to bootcamp, I think it was helpful for me. I was able to say hi to a few new people. Hi was just about all I was capable of, but at least I did that much, that was kind of a big step for me.


There are rockstars of blogging, I know a few of them. Then there is the royalty. The bloggers and writers that everyone knows and if you don’t know who they are you clearly are living under a rock.

I was actually breathing the same air as a few of these women. I actually sat at the same table with them at points during the day. I actually talked to them, even if it was briefly. Then my life was made complete when I received two tweets from two of these amazing women. Yes, Scary Mommy actually tweeted to me. Even better, she said I was sweet! This was after I tripped over my tongue trying to say hello.

I can say that the blogging royalty are seriously friendly women who were kind and encouraging.


By the time cocktail hour came I thought my head might just explode. I was filled with so much knowledge, inspiration and motivation that I was spent. Between the anxiety of being forced into meeting new people and the information that I was trying to absorb all day long, I was exhausted.

All in all, I had a blast. I got to meet people in real life who I only knew on twitter. I learned so much. I have motivation and things in mind to continue to grow as a blogger. I now have a conference under my belt.

We even had an Oprah Show moment at the end when we all were given a WaterPik shower head. I am so excited to get that baby installed and take it for a spin.

Of course there were other great sponsors that, without them, there wouldn’t be an affordable conference for the little people like me. Thank you Mirassou WineryHappy Family, Kings Hawaiian, and Care.com. You should go check them all out, they’re great companies that have a lot to offer.

Will I go to another conference? YES! Bill and I were actually already looking into other conferences that I might be able to make it to.

A few of the PSMM ladies at Bloggy Bootcamp. I’m the bottom right, not looking. Go figure.


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