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The New Normal

6 Sep


It all started with the poem below. It wasn’t the first time I was given this poem attached to a little pack of tissues but it would be my last.

First Day of Kindergarten
    ~Author unknown
Everyone has a first day
When they feel sad and all alone
It can be scary
when you are on your own
And I know that a first day
Can be full of doubts and fears
But they are full of new beginnings
Take my hankie, dry your tears
You’ll find lots of things to do
And you’ll probably make new friends
I promise we’ll be together
When the school day ends
Here comes the teacher
Blow your nose and be brave
Come on now and wipe your eyes
This is no way to behave
Well, Good Morning, Teacher
We really do beg your pardon
No, MOMMY doesn’t always act this way
But it’s my first day of Kindergarten!

Gone are the days of preschool and playing with the kids all day. No more afternoon naps and staying in our PJ’s all day because we had no where to go. My kids are all grown up. OK not ALL grown up, but the days of everyone being in school all day are here now.

I’ve been spending the past two weeks trying to find the new normal. The routine of getting them on the bus at a little after eight and then what? Cleaning, office work, relaxing (hey, I’m still recovering here), shopping, my days are so full but so empty at the same time.

I’m adjusting to this new normal and figuring out how to make it through my days and weeks now that I’m on my own. The boys are adjusting to the new normal of being at school all day. I have to say Logan is doing amazingly well with.


How did you adjust when your kids were finally out of the house for full day school?


Today My Life Changed Forever…Again.

25 Aug

My Life In Mommyland BTS

Today is a bittersweet day for me, I’m sad and excited at the same time. For almost six years Logan has been my sidekick, my snuggly baby boy.

Today I put him on the bus for Kindergarten…FULL DAY Kindergarten.

I’m so excited that he’s entering this next stage of his life and I can tell he’s excited too. I’m also not really ready to let him go, he’s my little guy, he can’t be going to school already. Who is going to make weekly Costco runs with me and sit in the cart munching on a hotdog (and samples) while I shop? Who is going to hold my hand in the parking lot at Target? Who’s going to sing along to all my favorite songs with me? And help me get the housework done?

Since Logan came into this world Cameron has had school, first preschool and then three years ago elementary school, so we’ve had lots of time just the two of us. It’s hard to believe that time has come to an end.

Making this transition even harder is the fact that Bill is away on business. I really could have used his shoulder to sob on this morning, oh and to help me make sure I get all the important photos. I know he’s disappointed he couldn’t be here too but hey, the bills need to get paid.

So here I sit, going through his day in my head, wondering what he’s doing and how he’s enjoying his day. I’m sure the rest of the day will go at a snails pace as I await the return of the school bus. I’m sitting here at my desk and the house is just too quiet.

My Life In Mommyland BTS2

I just know I’m going to miss him much more than he’ll miss me and I’m OK with that. Logan will be too busy having fun at school to miss his mommy.

How did you handle sending your little one’s off to school for the first time? Do you have any back to school traditions?

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