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The Brown Cloud

9 Feb

I’m prone to unlucky circumstances when traveling, I call it the Brown Cloud. The Brown Cloud is usually over my head whenever I travel away from home and my trip to Orlando for the Golf Industry Show was no different.

At least when the Brown Cloud struck this morning It was something I could almost laugh at, a comedy of errors.

Bill had to be up and out early, leaving me to sleep in and grab breakfast before I would meet him over at the trade show.

At a little after 7 I threw a sweatshirt on over my pajamas and down to the lobby I went to grab probably the most pathetic “continental breakfast” one has ever seen. I decided that I would have waffles, so I pour the batter into the waffle maker and close the lid. The stupid thing immediately started to beep…LOUDLY. I walked away, put a bagel in the toaster and grabbed a cup of coffee.

Ah the coffee.

Cheap styrofoam cup plus releasing the button late equals certain disaster. I pick up my cup and turn towards the still beeping waffle maker and burning hot coffee runs down my hand. Not just burning hot, made on the surface of the sun hot. Molten lava fresh from the center of the earth hot. MAGMA hot!

I may have let out a small squeak but I honestly don’t know because I was too busy seeing stars.

I head over to the waffle maker…which is STILL beeping away angrily.

By this time people are laughing, staring and coming over to help the stupid girl in her pajamas, with the third degree burns on her hand figure out how to operate the waffle maker. I begin to wrestle with the thing finally beating it into submission. Two and a half minutes until my waffles are ready.

Just enough time to realize how bad my hand hurts.

The only thing worse than being burnt by a cup of coffee is being burnt by a bad cup of coffee and that cup was the worst I’ve ever had. Take a cup of dirty dishwater and drink it and you’ll have an idea of what I was dealing with.

I returned to my room and as I examined my burnt fingers I had decided that enough was enough!

There was a Starbucks half a mile in the opposite direction of the convention center. A mile was a short distance to walk for a decent cup a coffee to help heal my burnt hand and bruised ego.

I showered…with one hand since the water burned my already burnt hand, got dressed and headed off for my Venti triple skinny vanilla latte with light foam.

Two and a half miles, and a trip to CVS for some burn cream, later I arrived at the trade show with my rather large cup of coffee, feeling triumphant and ready to start the day.

There is very little that a Starbucks latte won’t fix for me. See you later Brown Cloud.

The Brown Cloud


Five Reasons I love My Vue brewer

12 Jun

Have you heard about Keurig’s latest technology?

No shocker that I have, when two of my favorite things (Keurig and technology) come together it’s impossible for me not to know about it.

For Mother’s Day Bill got me one of these new brewers and it was love at first sip!

My Life In Mommyland

Here are my top 5 reasons why I’m in love with my Vue Brewer.

  • So many ways to customize your brew. From temperature to size, there are many ways to enjoy your beverages with the Vue. Who knew that water pressure and air flow had anything to do with brewing a good cup of coffee or tea? Keurig did.
  • The Vue Packs are recyclable. No more filling up my trashcan with k-cups. I can just take the coffee or tea with the filter and top out of the plastic cup and recycle. The only thing that goes in the trash now is the filter and the foil top. The plastic cup goes in the recycle bin and the coffee or tea goes in the composter.
  • It tastes so good. I was skeptical at first, I mean how much better could it really be? Would it be worth the extra few cents per cup? ABSOLUTELY!
  • Touch screen. If you know me I shouldn’t have to say any more.

My Life In Mommyland

  • It’s fast. The warm up time is quick and it brews much faster than our old Keurig brewer.

If you already have a Keurig brewer you should know that you can’t use your K-cup packs with the Vue system, the Vue packs are completely different.

As we made the transition from the K-cups to the Vue packs we actually had both brewers on the counter top.

The only downside that I’ve found to the Vue system is that it’s limited in the varieties that are available. With the K-cup system there are over 250 different varieties, the Vue system only has 50. Since we got our Vue brewer in May they have added close to 20 varieties so I’m hopeful that by this time next year we’ll have a lot more to choose from.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post (although I would gladly takes some Vue Packs if Keurig offered them) and all the opinions are my own. I simply wanted to share my love for a wonderful product with all of you. 


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