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A Decade Gone

11 May

On this day, ten years ago I graduated from Penn State. I can tell you what I wore. I can tell who from my family was there. I can even tell you, although with a little bit of shame, that I cried when I received my degree.

I walked with my classmates a decade ago. That’s nearly 1/3 of my lifetime ago. It feels like just yesterday and a full lifetime ago all at the same time.

What have I done?

In the years since my graduation I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies. I’ve also worked for a Fortune 200 company. I’ve created communities. I’ve helped others. But I have to say that the accomplishment I’m most proud of in those ten years is my family.

What’s next?

My hopes for the next ten years? I want to continue to use that education in business and marketing to grow my reach online. I want to continue to build on the communities I have started and do the things that I love. Even more than that, I want to raise my boys to be good men like their father. Maybe by the time I’m writing about my 30th anniversary from Penn State I’ll have two PSU graduates of my own.

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