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Two Trucks, One Very Unlucky Garage Door

8 Jan

As I was perusing the analytics for this site it was brought to my attention that someone in particular was looking for a certain story from me. So here’s the story that had someone searching for the keywords “garage” and “door” on the very same day that this event took place.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was writing about Bill and the episode of him putting his truck through my garage door. If you’re new to Mommyland you can read all about it HERE.

I relentlessly teased him for being so careless. You know what they say, “what goes around comes around”. Karma is a cold, cruel bitch and she had waited for the perfect moment.

Bill was out of town on business and the kids were acting like crazy people. We were running late to get Cameron on the bus and Logan to school and I was a little frantic. It was cold that day so I got the kids in the truck before opening the garage door.

As I jumped in the truck and hit the door button, I got my seatbelt on and started the truck. I checked my mirror, put the truck in reverse and slowly started to back out and a few seconds later the loudest crunching, bang I had heard since Bill put his truck through that same door made me jump and come to a stop. The door was not all the way up!

When I got out of the truck I saw the door was bent out and off the track. I think I said shit about a hundred thousand times.

Oh, but remember, we were running late for the bus and school. I turned the truck off and told Logan to stay put until I came back and I ran Cameron down to the bus stop where of course his bus driver was late.

I called Bill. Thankfully he didn’t answer. I texted him to call me ASAP but then thought better of it and told him not to call. Total lunatic move but I think after ten years together he’s used to it.

I called my parents. Thankfully they live in a neighboring town and are always willing to help when I do something stupid.

My dad came right over and I could tell he wanted to yell at me and I could see the disappointment all over his face but he hugged me and helped me get the door back on track. He left the house with Logan and then the adventure to get the truck fixed began.

Oh wait, I skipped over what I did to the truck. I ripped the roof mounted antenna out of the roof and put several large dents and scratches up there. The mast was completely broken off the rest of the antenna and the thing was flopping around the roof. Dad taped it down before he left though.


While dad was helping me, my mom was texting my sister who just so happened to have her car dealing husband off for the day. He told me not take it anywhere yet and to send him photos and my VIN and he’d see if he could get the part.

He did!!! Then he even offered to install it for me.

At the end of the day I had a new antenna on the truck and the door is able to go up and down again. There is a dent at the bottom but from the outside you can’t really tell anything is wrong unless you know. Maybe we’ll get it fixed someday or maybe we’ll just replace it with some pretty carriage doors. I still need to get the truck in to have the dents and scratched fixed but for now everything is in working order.

So back to Bill. I didn’t want to tell him what I had done until after he had given his presentation. The last thing I wanted was for him to not do well because he was upset with me. I avoided his calls most of the day and when I talked to him I told him nothing was wrong. I did come clean later that night when he called and he was amazingly gracious considering we were only ten days away from our vacation.

Two trucks and one very unlucky garage door. There you have it, it was no big deal and the worst part is that I can no longer make fun of Bill for sending his truck into the garage.

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