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Welcome to Five Star

2 Oct

Dinner is sometimes an issue here. Between me having to be at work two nights a week and everyone’s busy schedule, sometimes we don’t have the best dinners.

Enter Five Star Home Foods.

Five star might just be what we need here. What is it? Five Star is a home delivery service that not only brings the food right to your door, they load your freezer for you. I’m not talking just any frozen food, I’m talking quality frozen food, some of which is individually packaged.

How does it work?

First a consultant will come out to your house to explain how it all works and assess your needs based on the demographics of your household. Our consultation took about 45 minutes and answered most of our questions about how Five Star works.

Since all the orders are made to order, it takes a few weeks from the time of the consultation until the food is delivered. We used that time to eat what we had in the freezer and get a deep freezer for the garage. If you don’t want to go out and buy a freezer Five Star will sell you one and deliver it right to your home.

Five Star Freezer

Our freezer full of Five Star.

When it’s time for your delivery, the truck comes right to your house and the driver loads up your freezer. My driver even organized the freezer by the types of products I received and talked to me about other products that Five Star offers.

 five star

Five Star delivery truck.

Over the course of the next few months I’ll be sharing more on Five Star Home Foods as well as different ways we used and prepared our Five Star food.

Disclaimer: I was provided a supply of food free of charge from Five Star in exchange for this post. As always ALL opinions are my own.

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