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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

4 Jan

As it turns out my kids are actually a bit like Bill and I. Even down to the way they spend their money they show traits of their parents.

Both of the boys were given money for Christmas from their Great Grandmothers. Logan likes to call his money “cash”, just thought you should know that.

While I was at work one night Bill had to get out of the house with the boys just for something to do.

Of course their Christmas money was burning a hole in their little pockets and they HAD to find something to buy with it. Cameron and Logan each had a different method of spending their money though. One took the route more like his father while the other was a little more like me.

Logan picked one big toy that cost him all of his Christmas money and then some while Cameron did a little bargain shopping and still has money to spare.

Any guesses at which child was more like which parent? The answer might surprise you.

Over the course of the past few years I’ve become more of the bargain shopper. I’m actually downright cheap! Bill is actually the more likely one to go out and splurge on one big thing.

Of course it wasn’t always that way but the times, they have changed us.

So what did the boys get?

Logan spent all his money and then some on a Thomas and Friends train set. It’s pretty cool with a motorized Thomas and cool mountain drop off. The thing is huge!


The set is about two feet tall and six feet long. It took Bill well over an hour to put it together and about two minutes for Logan to take it apart.

Cameron was able to buy many smaller toys with his loot. He’s been really into Transformers since the beginning of first grade and he’s been quickly amassing quite the collection. He found a combo set at Target that has two different Transformers at one low price. So far he’s bought two of those super value sets and a smaller Transformer. Remember he still has money left too. The kid found a good bargain and ran with it.


They’re really ugly aren’t they? I was not meant to be the mother of boys, I don’t get their toys at all.

When your kids get some cash for their birthday, Christmas or some other “holiday” how do they usually spend it? Do you even let them spend it or do you make them save it away?


Health & Fitness Gift Guide

10 Dec

My recent step back into exercise and healthy living prompted me to make a gift guide of my favorite health and fitness gadgets and goodies.

All of these things are gifts I would personally love to receive or items I actually have myself.

The gift of music.

My Life In Mommyland

Music can make or break a good workout so why not give the gift of some new tunes with an iTunes gift card? While I’m generally not a huge fan of the gift card as a gift, this is something I always appreciate and if it’s given creatively it’s the perfect gift for the active person.

The gift of membership.

Does someone on you gift list want to check out the new gym in town? Do you have a Zumba or yoga lover in the family? A trail membership or classes at the local Zumba or yoga studio would make the perfect gift.

Fitness watch.

I’ve been wearing a fitness watch for years. Even a few years back when I was running just about everyday I had my trusty fitness watch helping me workout more efficiently.

My Life In Mommyland

I have the Polar FT40 and LOVE the features it has to offer. This watch helps me know whether I’m actually exercising to my ability or if I’m just tired. Wearing a fitness watch also gives you a more accurate number of calories burned since it’s based on your heart rate as well as age, height, weight and activity level.

The fitness watch is a great gift for the active people on your gift list and Polar offers watches at many affordable price points.


My Life In Mommyland

The Fitbit has made all the difference in the world for me when it comes being active. In the most basic sense, the Fitbit is a pedometer on steroids. It will help you set goals and be more active each day.

The Fitbit works with a personalized website and app for your smart phone to give you real time feedback throughout the day. By trying to reach the heart healthy goal of 10,000 steps per day you’ll find yourself getting up and moving around much more than before. The Fitbit is a great motivator.

The Fitbit has a fun cousin too but you have to know your gift recipient well for this one. The Aria scale works off your Wifi network and automatically syncs with your personal Fitbit site. But not everyone will appreciate receiving a scale for Christmas (I would though, hint hint).

My Life In Mommyland


Have a runner in your life? With the weather getting colder this is a great opportunity to make sure they stay warm on their run. There are fun and customizable accessories for just about every person on your gift list. From a personalized yoga mat to fun Zumba gear there’s something for them. Here are a few good ideas for this time of year.


My Life In Mommyland

When picking out gloves for the runner in your life they should be lightweight but warm. Look for tech gloves that have the little patches on the index finger and thumb that will allow them to use the touch screen on their phone or music player without taking their gloves off.

Ear protection:

My Life In Mommyland

When running in the cold you need something to keep the ears warm. Look for something that is moisture wicking and breathable.

Water bottle:

My Life In Mommyland

I’ve fallen in love with Camelbak water bottles. I’m not dribbling all over myself when I take a sip on the go anymore. If the active person on your gift list doesn’t like the idea of drinking out of a plastic blottle (that is BPA free) there are great stainless steel options to choose from.


My Life In Mommyland

Have a yogi on your gift list? There are lots of great bags to hold all their yoga accessories. A fun bag filled with accessories will make a great gift for the active person on your list.

Entrance fee for an event.

This gift is not only fun and creative but it lets that special person in your life know that you have faith in them to participate in the event. Whether it’s a mud run, marathon, triathlon, or something a little less intense, you’re giving them your vote of confidence that they CAN do it.

If registration for the event hasn’t opened yet consider a Visa gift card with a fun note that you want to cheer them on and this is to make sure they can participate. Maybe even do some research and find out when the registration opens so they don’t miss the date.

I hope I was able to give you some great gift ideas for the active people on your gift list. By adding your own personal touches to any of these items you’re sure to give a gift that will be loved and appreciated. Give the gift of health this holiday season.

What fun health and fitness items would YOU like to find under the tree this year?

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