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Happy Birthday Mommyland

4 Jul


Happy birthday mommyland

It’s hard to believe I’ve had this blog for six years.

In those six years I still haven’t found the key to being able to post consistently. I also haven’t been launched into “Mommy Blog” superstardom. I haven’t taken a look at the numbers but I’m quite sure this blog has cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the course of those six years and all I’ve made for it is a few free products.

But you know what? I’m totally fine with that. Mommyland is here because I want it to be and I really don’t care (ok maybe I care a little bit) if only a few people actually take the time to read it. I write because it’s something I enjoy doing. I like telling my story and sharing my experiences even if I don’t have millions (or even thousands) of visits a month.

My hope is that someone tries something new because I told them about it, or realizes that they’re not alone in the craziness of motherhood, or chuckles at the sometimes crazy things that happen here in my life.

As we enter another year here in Mommyland I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me. If there’s ever anything you’d like to hear about or something new you’d like me to try, don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d be more than happy to give you what you need.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July from the Mommyland family to yours.


35 Fun Facts About Me

27 Mar

35 fun facts

Today I turn 35. There will not be much fanfare, it’ll be just another day. In fact, there probably won’t even be cake.

The boys have an event at karate and I have a big race coming up so there probably won’t be too much celebrating. Oh well, Spring Break is just around the corner so I’ll have a week to celebrate my entrance into this world.

There is one tradition that I wanted to keep going and that’s sharing some “fun” facts about me with all of you. So in celebration of my 35th birthday I give you 35 facts about me.

1) When I travel by air my feet swell.

2) Much like a dog, I sweat from my feet.

3) I add chia seeds to my cereal, oatmeal and smoothies.

4) I chat with my three closest friends, in one group chat everyday and have for as long as I can remember.

5) Out of those three friends, I’ve only met two of them in person once and the third I’ve never met.

6) I’m socially awkward.

7) I can make a mean meatloaf.

8) My favorite wine is cabernet.

9) I spent most of the past year recovering from an injury and subsequent ankle surgery.

10) I’ve had two surgeries in my life.

11) The other one was my appendix.

12) Both of my surgeries happened in the month of July.

13) My name was supposed to be Molly but my father vetoed that.

14) I love green tea.

15) I like to run alone. For me running isn’t social, it’s the one thing that I do just for me. It’s my time to clear my head and get myself centered.

16) I don’t enjoy cooking.

17) I was born in Wisconsin.

18) I lived in five different cities by the time I was eight.

19) I’m a lover of all things Apple.

20) Currently I have two paying jobs, one at the Y and the other as the Social Media Director for Turf Republic.

21) I have worked for Bill on two separate occasions doing two different jobs.

22) I’m not a morning person.

23) I’m not a night owl either.

24) I only put one space after a period.

25) I don’t eat anything that comes from the water.

26) I only wear Tifosi sunglasses.

27) I yell a lot more than I’d like.

28) My self-esteem is far lower now than it was before I had the boys.

29) I am proficient at operating a snow blower.

30) My favorite TV show is Castle.

31) I’ve been to France.

32) I do not speak French. In fact, the only language I do speak is English.

33) I’ve recorded every episode of General Hospital for as long as I’ve had a DVR to record it on.

34) I value my sleep over many other things in life because I am a mess without it.

35) I am either ultra organized with things or a mess, there is no in-between. Sometimes the things I have organized become a mess and the mess becomes organized.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.

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