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Adventures in Health (Volume 6)

2 Jan

It’s getting cold out there and it may or may not be time to take those workouts indoors. When it comes to my workouts I’m more of a live and let live kind of girl. You don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.

That being said I do have some gym workout pet peeves.

My Top 5 Gym Workout Pet Peeves

1) If you’re into yoga or want to get into yoga, do everyone a favor, be on time for class and stay until the bitter end. There isn’t much worse than being in your yoga zone only to have your concentration and relaxation interrupted by someone who is coming into class late. It’s also frustrating when you’re relaxing in your Shavasana at the end of class and someone is packing up and walking out the door. You’re not the only one in class, so try and respect those around you.

2) Also in your yoga class, don’t crowd someone. Just because your mat isn’t touching their’s doesn’t mean you’re far enough away. The last thing you want to be doing is smacking someone when you’re doing your sun salutations.


3) Moving on to the track, make sure you read the rules for the track before you take off running. A lot of indoor tracks will alternate directions each day to help with wear, please run in the correct direction. Another thing to remember is that you’re often not the only person on the track so be mindful of others around you. Look before passing someone so you don’t step right into someone else’s path. Also, if your track asks for walkers to be to the inside, don’t go walking around the outside of the track.

4) Into the fitness center. No matter what equipment you’re on please, please, PLEASE wipe it down when you’re finished. No one wants to use something with your sweat all over it. With winter being the cold and flu season this could help you and everyone else stay a little healthier.


5) Also in the fitness center, if it’s at all possible leave a buffer between you and the person next to you. With all those treadmills why are you going to hop on one right next to someone else…unless they’re your friend. Going along with number four, some people sweat more than others, if you’re one of those people chances are you’re slashing them with your sweat. GROSS!

We can all get along in the gym this winter as long as we are mindful and respectful of each other.

What are some of your workout pet peeves?

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