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Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag

9 Jun

i love kickboxing

A punching bag that is.

I’ve been looking for a high impact workout to add to my running and yoga routine but have been a little too intimidated to try many of the classes offered at the Y. I’ve also been way too intimidated to walk into a CrossFit gym. I’m sure the CrossFit people are nice but they seem a little cult like to my ignorant eye.

The place where the boys take karate not only has adult karate classes but they are also an I Love Kickboxing franchise. Our membership allows Bill and I the opportunity to go to kickboxing classes whenever we want. Bill had been going pretty steadily for a while but I never really had an interest (translation: I was too intimidated to go) so I would stay home with my feet up while he went.

A couple weeks ago, with much prodding from both Bill and one of the instructors, I went to my first class.

Oh. My. GOD! It was so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, I worked hard, sweat my ass off and thought I was going to puke when it was all over but I had a blast.

I woke up the day after my first class fully expecting to feel it but all I felt was a little stiff. I went out for a five mile run to kind of stretch myself out and I felt amazing. I was almost shocked since usually a new workout leaves me feeling very sore.

Then it hit me!

I Love Kickboxing

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a train, beaten with a bat, set on fire then beaten some more. Even just rolling over in bed was painful. By Saturday afternoon I was completely immobile and in excruciating pain. Bill tired to help by stretch out the sorest of my sore spots but all he accomplished was making me cry.

Sunday I felt a lot better, I was still sore but I didn’t feel like I might explode at any moment. I was beginning to understand why so many people give up on exercise, but I was not going to give up.

When the Monday class rolled around I was there ready for action.

Now that I’ve gotten over that initial shock to my system I’m really in love with the class. I enjoy beating the hell out of something and it’s a challenge for me to push harder and farther every time. It’s also fun because it’s finally a workout that Bill and I can do together which is really nice.

I’m kind of bummed that I’m going to miss this week. Bill will be away and I’m not really ready to go to the class on my own yet. Yeah, I know I’m a sissy.

I double dog dare you to find a class near you and try it out. They’re always running specials for classes so what do you have to lose?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in anyway for this post. I have enjoyed the class so much that I wanted to share my experience with you and maybe, just maybe inspire you to try something new. 

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