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My gift to you on MY birthday

25 Mar


Today I turn thirty two and in celebration I will share thirty two fun (and random) facts about myself. This idea was not my own and I’d be remiss if I didn’t credit Stephaine from A Grande Life with giving it to me. Thanks Steph!

Here, in no particular order, are my fun facts.

1) I was born about three weeks early on a day hand picked by my parents.

2) They chose my birthday because it was my father’s anniversary with the Campbell Soup Company.

3) I have lived in ten different homes.

4) I was named after my father but they changed the spelling to make it more feminine.

5) Since getting my driver’s license in 1996, I have had six different cars.

6) I have been in a few car accidents but I have never totaled a car.

7) I once took an attorney to traffic court to fight a ticket.

8) I was once trapped in an elevator in Paris.

9) I once had twelve different credit cards in my wallet.

10) My parents are my best friends.

11) I used to sing karaoke six nights a week.

12) I had a curfew until I was twenty three and my Dad would call if I was late.

13) I only skipped school once in high school that my parents didn’t know about.

14) I only applied to one university and if I didn’t get in to Penn State I wasn’t going to college.

15) I am unbelievably shy in real life and sometimes people take that as me being a bitch.

16) My nickname in high school was Princess and I think that was just a friendly way of people calling me a bitch. I am just fine with that.

17) I once pretended to have a twin sister when a guy at a bar called me out on giving him a fake phone number a few weeks prior. I got the entire bar to go along with it too. Oddly enough…It worked!

18) The only wedding party I’ve ever been in is my own.

19) I gained sixty plus pounds with both of my pregnancies. I did not have twins…either time.

20) I found my first gray hair at age 23 and it’s been downhill ever since.

21) My hair hasn’t been it’s natural hair color since I was in eight grade.

22) I kill just about every plant I touch.

23) When I was young I wanted to be a choreographer/singer just like Paula Abdul.

24) Bill and I dated for four and a half months before we got engaged.

25) I irritated him into proposing by bugging him about what all the whispering was about while I was getting ready.

26) When I get stressed or nervous I crew the skin around my fingernails, sometimes enough to make it bleed.

27) I barely graduated from high school but got a 3.62 GPA my first semester in college.

28) I am fiercely protective of the people I love.

29) It’s always been easier for me to be friends with guys because I don’t have to worry about them stabbing me in the back.

30) I have trust issues.

31) Blogging has been one of my better decisions. The people I’ve met through blogging have changed my life.

32) I dread my birthday every year. It never ceases to amaze me how fast the years go by.

Somewhere in the world my Mother is cringing because she thinks I’ve over shared.

I hope you enjoyed my random little fun facts. See you next year for 33 more.

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